Friday, June 24, 2011

without incident

When I arrived at playgroup this morning I was concerned that I hadn't brought little jackets for my boys. 

When we left, Aaron had on undies and his crocks...

I told a friend yesterday I was ready to go have just one playgroup 
without incident, 
I guess today was not that day. Nor was

yesterday. Aaron took off at the park.  And he's fast.
I did a quick 360 degree turn and realized there's 360 different directions he could have gone.
I asked another mom to watch McKye and Levi and took off running. 
I was trying to cover as much ground as possible, running til my heart (and head) was racing. Aaron is tricky because you can't even call after him, because he can't answer (every time I call out "McKye where are you? and he calls back"down stairs mom"etc, I marvel)
Just as I was about to hyperventilate and go into a full blown panic attack, the other mom called "he came back!" We're still no sure where exactly he wondered off to. But after having to endure my never-ending hugs of relief, hopefully he wont do it again anytime soon (?)

Day before that, we thought we go to the spray park, which apparently because we finally had some nice weather, was every other stay at home mom's thoughts as well, cuz the place was packed! After spending 45 minutes convincing McKye he can wear a pair of swim shorts, instead of his beloved blue jeans (which he totally wore to the park the day before and had a meltdown, physically and emotionally) we arrived. In the two minutes it took me to prop up the baby, and spray bug spray (mosquitoes are insane this year!) I look to see wear Aaron's at.  Looking for his bright green swim trunks, among the masses, when I see them, in a little mound. Aaron is nearby buck naked a group of concerned (and obviously better) mommies than me forming a little circle around his indecency. I abandon the propped up baby and run over. Aaron is not happy about putting wet shorts back on, some other dear children decide I'm an easy target and drench me with the dumb elephant head sprayers (curse them! the sprayers, of course,  not the children)

And we go, hopes high for just a nice normal visit to the park.  Things are going well. I even got to chat a bit with the other moms (PS don't judge us mommies who are just trying desperately to get a little adult interaction in: we love our kids, we're with then ALL day, so while in theory it would  be nice for us to play WITH them on the playground equipment, it's a just a precedent we'd really rather not set, okay?)
Alright, so things are going good (by good, I mean my boys are busy piling rocks from the playground onto a nearby picnic table, which I'm sure will annoy some poor picnickers, but they were doing it together, so it made me happy.)

Then Aaron discovered a malfuctioning sprinkler.  It was squirting down and had made just a lovely and ever-so-tempting pool in the grass, just over the hill where mommy couldn't see him. At first he just wanted to throw rocks (his hands-down favorite past time), which I thought, huh, annoying for a mower, then I thought, it's gonna be to wet to mow there anyways, so I take the opportunity to share my story of our spray park adventure. As soon as I concluded, I said, "In fact I bet Aaron is naked right now splashing to his hearts content"

Nope, he had kept his undies on (see he's so modest!) and was splashing to his hearts content.

His clothes were floating in the mini-lake, which I waded through and took home sopping with my naked child and Mckye, who while investigating Aaron's fun had stepped a little too close, and was whining "Wet! Wet!"

And while I thought of taking and posting a picture, I decided against it as I was already told by Facebook to remove a picture of Aaron in the shower eating chips (funny right? the bag was well placed), and I didn't want to risk  repeat offense... apparently other people don't think my child's obsession with nudity is quite as endearing as I do.

And while I seemed to take it all in stride (that's my public-persona Easy-going Bretzke) inside I'm well aware of how ridiculous it all is.

So next time you take your little ones to the park, and all that happens is that they played at the park (fully clothed the whole time), you can think of the Bretzkes
count your blessings and smile.


Carlye said...Best Blogger Tips

So funny Chelsea! The whole time you were chasing him Candice and I were saying how amazingly relaxed you are about it! I am in awe of you :)

Chelsea Belle said...Best Blogger Tips

Yes, Carlye, people always comment on my nonchalance...if only they could get in my head!

Apparently, freaking out on the inside while looking "relaxed" on the outside must be a talent of mine.

You and Candice are great heroes of mine. Your kids are so stellar in so many ways They are both so lovable (I have soft spots for both of them from back in primary days), I hope they enjoy their crazy eights date;)