Saturday, June 4, 2011

I love to see the...

4 am again...just me this time (well and a little tylenol for teething baby Levi).

So while ago I was headed to the temple.

Before I dropped the kids off at Grandma's, I thought I'd do a little drive-by teaching moment.

So I drove up to the temple (paused the DVD:) and said in my best primary voice, "Look McKye! What do you see?"

I watched him in the review mirror as he carefully looked out his window.
Then his face lit up and I thought ahhhh, here comes one of those little
"it's all worth it moments".

McKye then proudly announced...

"A BUS!!!"

Sure enough, there sat a big orange school bus, right in front of my life-size object lesson.

Now to be fair, he's been a little obsessed with the bus on Doodlebops lately (after I forced it upon him as a more age appropriate alternative to rockin' it out to Blur's Wahoo song all day long:)

"What else do you see?" I prompted.

Well, the temple ain't small, but the kids looked and looked...
I finally resorted to humming
"I love to see the..." to which he clued in and exuberantly declared,


Sometimes I think Heavenly Father has things He wants us to see, learn and understand, but we can only see the buses. Like He wants to me to see the beautiful uniqueness of each of my children and but sometimes all I'm seeing is dishes in the sink. (Granted, I think McKye enjoyed the bus, more than I enjoy dishes, but I think the analogy still works).

Hopefully, today I can see past the buses.

(Well, the tylenol ain't cutting it, Levi wants his mom. So I guess that's it for me.)

Photo by my AMAZING friend and hero Rhonda