Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Aaron's 5th birthday bash

In principle, I don't believe in big extravagant birthdays. I had every intention this year of just going to a lake saying "Happy Birthday Aaron" and let him throw rocks til his hearts content (which we've always wondered how many hours/days he'd do it for, if we didn't stop him). 

Yes, nice simply birthday celebrations. In theory.

But I get carried away.
It always starts with cupcakes! I just love cupcakes! I especially like taking pictures of cupcakes. I'm positive they don't taste very good, but they always look cute. And I'm kinda motivated by aesthetics. 

Please don't imagine me, a carefree, happy little party planner.
I stress, then I react to feeling stress, berating myself for not just going with the throwing rocks plan. Cute ideas that look easy enough on the internet, turn into complicated disasters. (Like my oh so cute alien cupcakes, that ended up oozy melty messes by the time the party rolled around).

I stress about who's coming, and who I'm leaving out (my backyard can only handle so many kiddos and their parents). I stress about feeding people (big ol' fear/weakness of mine I'm am struggling to get over, by just doing it!) I worry about Aaron, being thrust into the socialness of a party.

In the end...the kids had a blast. 
Water, sun, jumping bubbles, sugar...little kids are so easy to delight. (Right now Levi is delighting himself by blowing raspberries on my feet:)
I hope the adults were okay chatting amongst themselves (not always the hostest with the mostest, especially when Im trying to resurrect some little melted aliens in the kitchen). 
Didn't do everything I planned, it's enough to just get through presents and cake!
Mostly just took pictures. Cuz it's my favorite part. One of the moms offered to take pictures for me, to which I thought "No way ho-zeh!" because while I appreciated her considerate offer, the chance to take pictures is the whole reason I even bother!

So with that on to the pictures!
Aliens pre-meltage:
Ooooooooooo..... ( get it?)

We have used and re-used these little Toy Story figurines, I just love them. they waited patiently in the window until the party, which we postponed due to weather.

My brother Sammy breaking in the Slip N slide.

"Feels like a good day for a birthday"

My good griend Desiree having a little birthday chat with Aaron.

A birthday squeeze for "Auntie" Tiffany

Tiffany saved me again...the cupcakes looked great...originally, but they had melted a bit in the heat, so Tif with all her mad decorating skills helped save them.

Best idea ever Rebecca! I may put cupcakes in the number the child is turning for every birthday!
Have I mentioned yet that I LOVE cupcakes!

Little serious face...

...not for long!

Opps, half naked Sammy in the background.

Only took us five years, this is Aaron'sFirst time blowing out his own candles!!!!
We practiced all afternoon:) the technical term is "social priming"
I was so proud of him.

Our Family: Eye contact is overrated right?

Add the grandparents...ummm should we be letting the baby grab the cupcake?

"Can't wait for MY birthday!"

The Claaaawwww! Sam thinks he's so funny.

Decisions, decisions.
Aaron's amazing home therapist right now, how we love Cara.

Aaron filled this trench, patiently with the bowl, trip by trip and made a mud heaven.
McKye could not of had more fun...
...well for the most part.


Cupcakes, round too.

A fun day of cupcakes. Complete. 
Good thing Mckye and Levi are 5 days part, I can double up:)


Just Rhonda said...Best Blogger Tips

WEll that looks like a GREAT party. Looks like you even had cute decorations :) Happy Birthday to Aaron!

Marie said...Best Blogger Tips

I must say that the best part of this for me is that now you can never tease me about throwing parties. This was adorable! Loved the decorations, the cupcakes, and the fun. Looks like the perfect summer birthday!

Chelsea Belle said...Best Blogger Tips

like I said Marie, I believe in simple parties, i just have a hard time actually keeping it simple... and it always starts with cupcakes:)

Jennifer Yanos said...Best Blogger Tips

I'm totally with you Chelsea. I have a hard time with parties. This looked fabulous!

Liesel said...Best Blogger Tips

I think your solution would be to avoid cupcakes from now on :)
Looks like fun. I waited with great anticipation for the after pic of the cupcakes. I'm way simple with parties, mostly because I'm really frugal and don't really like a lot of people at once and large groups of kids scare me.