Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddy day: Part 1

Sleeping father with child, a classic.
Why? Because the mom always thinks to grab the camera and capture the sheer cuteness...
silly mommy why doesn't she realize she should be napping too!

When ever I think of my relationship with my dad 
I always think of the same moment.
I was in Jr High.
And we all know what Jr. High can be like.

I was the tallest in my class--yup that's me standing in the middle of the back row in between all the boys in the class picture. Yup that's me wearing "mom" pants, that my hips defiantly do NOT fill out because they're the only ones long enough. 
Bushy eyebrows, an attempted perm that resulted more in random kinks, in a word? Awkward.

I was trying desperately to figure out who I was.
I was even more desperate to know if that someone I was, was anybody special.

It was all the rage to trade your yearly mugshot photo with your friends (the ones in front of the unflattering blue backgrounds, or if you were really cool maybe the splatter paint...I'm such a child of the 80's). We couldn't afford to buy a bunch of wallets so I would get my photo color copied (scanning was a brand new technology, and the quality was horrible!) 

What does this all have to do with my dad?

I got in his car one night to get a ride somewhere. My dad's a total hoarder, especially in his car. But there among the extra sunglasses, water bottles and air-freshers, displayed on his dashboard was one of those laser-copy wallet sized photos of me, his daughter.

My dad never said much about how he felt about us. But somehow that picture said it all. 

He was proud I was his. 

And even though my dad's a bit of a character ( I come by the awkwardness naturally)
I'm proud I'm his too.

me and my hip n' hairy daddy-o
Happy Daddy's Day Daddy.


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