Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddy-day: Part 2

This post from last Father's Day is one of my favorites. So here is is again.

I remember being asked when I was single. What I was looking for in a future husband.

My answer?

A good father. (I may have already of had Ben in mind)

So tonight (with half an hour left of Father's Day) I thought I 'd just list a few things 
Ben has taught our kids.

1. When your wife wants you to smile for a picture, just do it. 
You may not want to, but one day they'll be good memories:)

2. To work hard and provide well

3.That they are accepted just the way they are.

4. To feel safe.

5. How to be a problem solver and a good listener.

6. To love technology.

7. Patience.

8. That family is everything.

9. That all dads are really just big kids.

10. that sometimes you just hafta go for it! 

11. that he'll always be there beside them 
as they experience new things.

12. to eat meat (often and love it)

13. to get an education

14. that real men kiss on the lips 
(actually Ben thinks it's gross that I let our kids smooch us on the lips)

15. how to hang out...

..and just enjoy a good laugh!

 most of all. he is just there. Even though he has to be gone a lot, 
he somehow manages to make sure he is a presence in our kids lives.  
Maybe not always there physically, but  still there for us, in every way.

And that he'll carry us through,  and love us no matter what!

He is for them (as he is for me) a stable influence for good. 

A support. A friend. An example. 

 A dad.
 Happy Father's Day Benny!


cc said...Best Blogger Tips

fantastic post!

Kelly said...Best Blogger Tips

so so good! I love how every photo matched perfect! especially of him and mckye and the big laughs. that one killed me, so cute! thanks for another great blog!

Amy and David said...Best Blogger Tips

I love this post!!! So cute. What a great Daddy!

Jennifer said...Best Blogger Tips

I needed this. Chels, you are doing so much good in your sphere of influence and in our family.