Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lesson reversal

McKye is funny.

Lately he's learned that it's sometimes hard to get my attention.
So he's started yelling.

"MILK! MIL! MILK!" he demands. Until I clue in, look at him and then he sweetly adds,
"Peeezzz, Mah-mee" in the sweetest tone.

So today I think. Hmmm, maybe we should work on using our "inside voices"
I launch full speed ahead into a great mini-mom lecture.

Outta know where looks right past me out the window (proving he hasn't heard a word I've said)

"Whoa!" he says, pointing with a look of wonder on his face.

I look and see just a stack of gorgeous clouds piling  up, our kitchen window framing them like some magnificent painting.

And I thought," Muh, they'll be plenty of time for inside voices."

I think if we worked half as hard at keeping children's sense of wonder alive as we do trying to make them little adults...well I don't know what hat would look like, but I think it would be interesting.