Friday, June 29, 2018

Strawberry Picking

First official day of summer. Kids woke up and started bickering and I thought, I'd  gladly pack a lunch. It was a good thing we had plans. My friend Sarah was coming into town and we were going to meet up with another friend at Broxburn Farm to pick strawberries. On the way out we listened to Trolls, "get Back up again". I paused it and said do you guys know what "Resilience is?" It's just like in this song. Youg et up again, yo utry again, you say, Hey guys, sorry it was a kinda crappy morning, let's still have a great day. 

And we did. WE REALLY DID. 

Stayed way later than we thought. It was just entirely lovely. And  took a hundred photos to remember just how lovely it was:)