Monday, April 1, 2019

Heavenly Mother Survey- Please Share

Mother Earth–Caitlin Connolly 
Dear fellow Daughters of Heavenly Parents,

I’m writing a book about our Mother in Heaven. A workbook, to help my beautiful sisters, like you, to know Her better and feel closer to Her.

My thesis, (spoiler!) is that we find pieces of Her in ourselves and our sisters- that if we can look into the faces of the woman all around us —really look, and really love, we will find Her.

My hope here, is to gather your perspectives, your thoughts and your insights.

As a woman, my favourite feeling in the world is to be a part of a conversations that generate; where the ideas, thoughts and energy synergize in ways that they simply never could on our own. Have you had those interactions??? I love them.

I want my book to not just be limited to my thoughts or ideas, but to feel like a conversation, where the reader can take in others ideas and also create and discover their own beliefs and ultimately strengthen their personal relationship with their Mother in Heaven.

Will you a take a moment and answer a few (or all!) of these questions? At the end, there is an option to choose to identify yourself or stay anonymous.

Click here to participate:

Feel free to forward this to others.

Note: Please, only reply if you are okay with me using your answers in my book. Any answers I use, will be clearly italicized and explained as thoughts that were shared with me, separate from my own writings. Again, you're welcome to remain anonymous, otherwise I will identify your quote with your first name only.

Thank you for taking some time to be part of this conversation.
I know Mother loves when we connect with, learn from, and love one another. 

Your Sister, 
Chelsea Bowen Bretzke