Friday, August 31, 2012

East Coast part 3: Bay of Fundy (time with Benny!)

Our last day on our East Coast trip was spent driving to the Bay of Fundy. I convinced Ben to let me stop in at this great little (actually it was huge!) antique store.

The Bay of Fundy itself was amazing. For it to change so much every single day is crazy.
 One last light house in St. John, and it was time to return home.
I loved every second of our time on the East Coast! It was a trip I've dreamed of and which didn't disappoint. I'm so grateful Benny was able to take me with him, that we could have  make these memories together. I just loved it!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

East Coast Part 2 (Halifax and Miramichi)

Once we left PEI (ie pretty sure one of my favorite places on earth!) we drove through some moose territory (even saw one though I was too slow with the camera, so the here's the signs they had all along the highway) on our way to Halifax.

Ben worked from the car while I made a little stop at the Colchester County Archives to do a little family history. 
I have some ancestors who were killed in the Halifax explosion, and we were able to find their death records.

The father and son were at work and survived but the mom  and 12 year old daughter and 5 year old son were killed.

I spent Saturday in the temple surrounded by sweet wonderful temple workers. I love the opportunity to go straight through the ordinances, feeling them connect and build line upon line, covenant upon covenant.

I stopped back in at the FAmily history library, hoping to get some help locating their graves.

the sister working at first said, I was out of luck as although the cemetery caretaker has directories of the graves, they don't' work weekends.

Then she paused. She'd had a friend visit her a few weeks ago and she'd taken her to the same cemetery I was looking in, to see the famous Titanic graves. She had this vague memory of pausing and seeing a headstone of a family.

She drew me a little map not promising anything.
Tender mercy provided. In what turned out to be an enormous cemetery, I could have combed through all day, I followed the little map straight to the headstone I was looking for. The one the Spirit had weeks before gentle prompted the sister from the family history center to glance at.

Doing family history has strengthened my testimony that the Lord knows us all and is so aware of us. He is aware the little child forgotten on the census record, but found another way. He's aware of the first wife that wasn't listed on records, but you find another way.

He is aware of every soul!
Including mine and He prepares the way for us to know He is there. To have little experiences that make us not doubt that He knows our hearts, our desires, our needs.

Today was another beautiful reminder of that.

The rest of the day was spent wandering the Halifax harbour, meeting up with Benny for a lobster dinner and ice cream, until the Canada Day Fireworks. A memorable Canada day, where I was proud of my Canadian ancestors, the things they endured and opportunities their sacrifices would provide for me. That I would have the true gospel and get to offer it to them on the other side.
My heart turned to them in gratitude, and them turned to me waiting for the full blessings of the fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Another beautiful (and very old) graveyard downtown.

We stopped (again) at our favorite ice cream shop on our way up to Miramichi)
Ben was with the office there all day, and me and my camera went wandering. It was delightful.
My favorite thing to just wander and look at a place through a lens, clicking away.

Finished the night as about the only people in the theatre to see Brave. Good times with the hubby:)