Thursday, June 2, 2011

Two posts I love mashups!

Aaron is a funny kid. So lest my early morning poem

paint to romantic a picture of my eldest son...

Allow me to share just few moments from yesterday.

First, remember those potatoes I planted? Aaron was instantly obsessed with taking the fresh clumps of dirt from the "garden" and dropping them on the cement, delighting as they crumble (sure glad we got that yard clean-up at the Ward's last service auction:) Oh that's not all.

Oh, basically he's decided that summer is here, and for Aaron, "summer" means nakedness (see, you thought it was just a metaphor in the poem didn't you?) So, whenever I talk about him outside, it's pretty safe to say he's sporting just his undies ( wow, look at me, mother of boys, finally breaking the habit of saying "panties"). PS potty training was a big deal for us, not a day goes by where I don't absolutely marvel that he "got it". PPS we just moved, and I also wonder everyday what the neighbors think of me, and my child's trampoline-jumping-attire or lack thereof.

Okay, so in comes Aaron from destroying my latest conquest (hence I choose a hearty vegetable), and heads to the potty. Apparently his garden tromping had resulting in him getting a prickly in is foot, cuz next thing I know, I walk in to find him with his foot IN the toilet, flushing it over and over again. After my initial shock, I thought his foot swirling was really quick resourceful.

He keeps us entertained.

McKye is also entertaining in very different ways (More stories to come, I'm sure).
Seeing as our yard is obviously not going to be featured in home and garden, McKye "planted" a bazillion dandelions yesterday, as I tried to get thee perfect picture of him and my favorite plant. No really I think dandelions get a bad rap (without dandelions think how much joy kids would be deprived of, not to mentioned the many moms and teachers who would have missed out on being presented with bouquets of appreciation)


Lindsey said...Best Blogger Tips

I'm loving your blog Chelsea! This post made me laugh because Tyler is obsessed with throwing rocks (and nakedness - he is also just figuring out potty training so maybe there's a link?). Anyways, we are staying at my in-laws right now and I went to check on him in the back yard and he had found a rock and snuck over to the neighbor's little pond and was standing there buck naked in their back yard. One of those moments when you just try really hard not to laugh!

The hardest thing I've ever done said...Best Blogger Tips

Hey it's better than Aaron's eating sand phase!

Me and Ben met the parents of a 17 year old boy with Autism and when the dad saw Aaron throwing the gravel, he went up to Ben and said, "Yup, STILL the very best present I think I could give me son would be a dump truck full of gravel and a lake to throw it in"

We have parks we can't play at cuz he knows there's water near by.

We should get together, really, we should, soon.

Lindsey said...Best Blogger Tips

I hear ya! I wonder what it is that is so satisfying about a rock hitting the water. Anyways, we should definitely get together. I'm still in Ontario and will be until the end of the month but we'll have to plan something once we get out there!