Thursday, June 2, 2011

It doesn't make sense

I don't understand how yesterday, with absolutely no sleep, and tons of stuff going on, we had like the best day ever.

And today, when everyone should be perfectly well rested and happy-by-golly, everyone, including me, is so non-stop cranky.

I guess I underestimated divine compensation: Yesterday I had heavenly help, and today I need to calm down and get some!

Yesterday (insert Beatles song playing in background), as I blew bubbles for McKye (see, good day right!) one of my blows failed to produce bubbles, and McKye in this sing songy voice looks at me and says (with wisdom and perspective only two year olds can muster) "Oh, try again!"

Good advice McKye.

I should go pray, and "try again". I think I will.

And then I'll see if my baby has an allergic reaction to the strawberry he just sucked on while I wrote this.


Jennifer said...Best Blogger Tips


Jennifer said...Best Blogger Tips
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