Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My child's telling perception of me

So after my inspiring post on goal setting, McKye made sure I didn't get too impressed with myself...

We were playing with a little magnet house set (well McKye was playing while I tried to convince him I was watching, while I chatted on the phone).

He was putting everything where it went: cookies in the oven, baby in the cradle. 

Then he it picked up the "mommy" and you'll never guess  
guess where she "belongs"...

Yup, laying on the couch. Musta been a rough day. 
Is this really what my child thinks I do all day???
So I say, "try again." 
Wondering where else this little blonde version of me will go.

Okay I admit this one is a little more accurate...

So there you have it folks. 
Somehow, even though I clean the whole house, do laundry for five, and keep those same five people feed, try to serve and teach and in general keep up with all the "suppose to"s of mommyhood, in my two year old's mind, I lay on the couch and play on the computer.

Well, if there'd been a little magnetic phone it probably would have been to my ear too. 

Oh well.

Looks like he's still a pretty happy kid, despite his lazy mom:)


Rebecca said...Best Blogger Tips

You have the best toys ever!

cc said...Best Blogger Tips

ha ha...that's hilarious!! My kids would probably put me on the couch too, lol...and phone, ha ha.

The McGales said...Best Blogger Tips

thats hilarious! We know its not true don't worry....although everyone needs some couch time :)