Friday, June 24, 2011

Just love

Today I held my baby sisters baby girl for the first time.
I'm always prepared to feel overwhelming love for my own babies
In fact, I expect it. Anticipate it. Revel in it.

But I am always surprised, shocked, and unprepared to feel so much 
immediate, automatic and unconditioanl love for my siblings babies.

In my head I think: oh one day we'll be good buds and I'll be "Aunty Chelsea" and our relatioship will develop. 

Instead, it took approximately a minute and a half of holding "little"(she was 9 lbs, 2 oz!)                            Kamber Rose for me to be flooded with emotion, and I just feel humbled by her spirit.

She is strong. She pushed against her swaddles blankets, hard, determined, not in a normal newborny wiggly way. She pushed because she knew what she wanted (her mom).
I can't wait to learn more of her strength.

I loved her for no reason. I just did. 

God's "unconditional love" at times has been hard for me to grasp. I mix up love with other things like, approval, trust, even gratitude. 

Then I hold a new spirit. Fresh from heaven and God whispers. 
"Like this. This is how I love you...I just do"

Congrats Mel and Ike! 


Grammarules said...Best Blogger Tips

What a cutie. Where in the world did she put that big baby in her little body? Makes me feel old thought. I remember when she was a baby.