Monday, June 6, 2011

Sorry Elders that was intense

our ward missionaries enjoyed a nice relaxing p-day, ending with a nice dinner at member home. Our home. Our crazy home. I'm sure they didn't see it coming.

Meal times are interesting for us. Nad by interesting I mean ridiculous.

Aaron doesn't eat. Well I mean he eat apples jumping on the trampoline and would eat frozen yogurt tubes all day, but sitting down to eat a meal? just doesn't seem efficient enough to him I suppose. (I could write along time about Aaron eating habits, but I will refrain).

So although often we fight him, I'm sad to say we've decided just to let him do his thing if we have company...watching a session of "dinner-time therapy" just can't be on anyones fun things to do list! This usually results in me making some Helen Keller remark, deflecting with humor (even though that scene in the "Miracle Worker" were Anne Sullivan is appalled with Helen's family for letting her wander about the dinner table actually send my guilt meter off the charts!)

Well tonight we have discovered he likes ice. How did we discover this? Well there were ice cubes in the elders glasses and Aaron walked right up and reached on in to get him self one...this was after he ran in from the trampoline, having striped down to his ginch as always, sopping wet, because apparently it'd started raining.

The whole time the baby is SCREAMING, I'm shoving pureed squash down is throat as quickly as the little baby spoon'll let me, him gulping like he's hasn't been fed in weeks (which form his physique you can tell he's obviously famished!).

McKye ate surprisingly well, excepting that he kept interjecting "CORN!" or "MEAT!" at the top of his lungs whenever he felt the need to be served a bit more, followed by a subdued "Peez Mahmee."

All thins while we try and make small talk, pretty much the same conversation we have every time the elders come over. Where you from Elders? Answer. Returned polite question: Oh where did you serve brother Bretzke?

Although Ben did pull out a new joke this time. Whenever people find out I served on Temple Square, they get this look like, Oh. Hmmm, wonder if she liked that? Followed by a realization that they don't really know how that mission works, ow could it possible function with only sisters (very well thank you). And they always ask if I got to go out in the field for a while (basically experience "real" missionary work) And I say that I did. (Again I could write FOREVER about my mission, filled like 8 journals in fact, but this was suppose to just be a cute quick little post about this evenings shenanigans). When I said something about changing companions every transfer, ben piped in "That's ll they could handle!" And I replied"you should know!" (Sorry folks that's about as funny as we get around here). This will only really be funny to people who know Ben. My quiet hubby, who rarely razes me about anything...I admit this rare bit of banter was a little thrilling;)

Back to the insanity. Time for the lesson. Now our FHE range from about 10 seconds to 20 if we're lucky. I of course exaggerate, but with all the wrestling, and re-directing and repeating of questions and grabbing bolters back and...well it just feels a lot longer than it actually is.

So this sweet Elder decides he's going to teach us the apostasy using little dixie cups. He might have clued in that he was a bit out of our usually realm when he asked "What are soem things Jesus taught us" and I prompted Mckye with "No hit!" (It's true He did teach us that, sorta:)

Well the initial building up of the church of Christ was all fine and dandy (other than Mckye deciding he's gonna turn and whisper to me every other word the Elder says, in this creepy little voice..."Pah-fits", Joe-set Smif"...if you've ever watched the Middle it was a scarily "Brick-ish" moment). Then once the cups tumbled I knew it was over. He tried to get it built up again, he really did, but McKye was diggin' the destructive apostatizing toppling way more than any orderly Restorizing. after a few attempts(I give the Elder props for trying) oh yes, the baby screaming the whole time (teeth have not been a good thing for my usually content third son). Aaron keeps running in trying to pull us to the freezer, for a yogurt tube, which we're completely out of, saying MAMMAMAMAMAMMAMAMAMMAMAMA" in this loud, penetrating monotone he uses when he wants something, of course he gets the loudest during the Joseph Smith first vision telling.

As we shook the poor Elders hands, and they walked out the door (the baby finally collapsing in Ben's arms from sheer exhaustion), I'm sure they were wondering if they really wanted to follow up with us. We may even have shook their testimony of eternal families.

But, I turned and looked and Ben and just smiled. Cuz we both know, that what looks like complete and utter chaos to everyone else, is just OUR LIFE.

And we wouldn't trade it for anything.


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Alana said...Best Blogger Tips

I give your Elders points for using an object lesson, ours just gave a message and kept on trying to ask us all these good thought provoking questions - and I'm trying to deal with all my kids (Parker had gone back to the table and was eating all the cheese out of the bowl) and could barely hear the question let alone think of an answer. Just think at least dinner appointment add excitement to their lives.

Marie said...Best Blogger Tips

I don't know what you are talking about - that seems like a pretty average night around here to me. Just think, in about 5 years, those elders could be thinking the EXACT same thing as they have some missionaries over to eat.

I love your blog, by the way. A nice little snippet of Chelsea Belle for my day.

Jennifer said...Best Blogger Tips

I laughed so hard I cried.