Saturday, June 18, 2011

Me and Saturdays don't always see eye to eye

Should be cleaning out the van, or garage, or closets....

Or at teh very least I should be outside with my kids.

It's a beautiful Saturday. And Saturdays have a lot of shoulds.

Nope, me and Saturdays don't  really get a long.

it's kinda a big day of EXPECTATIONS. (And frustrations result from violated expectations, or so I've been learning in my latest psychology dabbling.)

Ben works Satrudays, so even though in my head Saturdays should be different --insert primary children singing "Saturdays is a special day":
 -a day to get my house  clean (really cleaned as oppsesd to just tidied)
 -a day to spend time with family doing fun things ( but every park/pool I go to, all I see is dads and kids and I think "Ah man! THOSE lucky moms are cleaning their house in peace, or having a nap!)
 - day of errands and getting things done (like all my neighbours out mowing their lawns, and BBQing)

But if I expect MY Saturdays to be like that I just end up with a lot of frustration.

So now, I have come to the consensus, Saturday in the Bretzke home are just like any other day.
And that has helped a lot. Just another day of my kids being my kids and me being me.

I do get to be excited about Ben coming home, which is good. And looking forward to Sunday. Exhausting, yet still wonderful, Sundays (most weeks).

I thought Ben was going to be home at 5 ( he's been out on the east coast , where they have McLobsters at McDonalds  in case you were wondering) but he forgot the time change so suddenly it was 7.

Two little hours, that meant a whole revamping of my planned energy conservation, and the time allotment I'd giving myself prior to loosing my mind (after no daddy for 5 days, 2 hours could very easily turn into the straw that broke the mamma's back!)

I tried to re-group. Decided to make a quick grocery trip (half the time we end up getting groceries on our Tuesday night date night--so romantic, right?) Saturdays in Lethbridge Costco, Walmart and Superstore basically become the Bermuda triangle. Every time I end up shopping Saturday I think  to my self, "Self, why are we here!?! " Busy stores, long check outs, all climaxing with me pushing a shopping cart full of groceries, in an absolute down pour unable to locate my van. No really COULD NOT find it. Walked back and forth through puddles with my glasses all fogged up. I was soooooooooo wet. Even the cereal boxes were soaked through. I thought briefly about crying but figured I was wet enough, so I started laughing at myself instead.
Good thing I watched this video this morning: video that helped me survive my rain fiasco 

We brought the soggy groceries home. And Ben came home to a soggy wife. But he's playing with the boys and I get to blog, so all in all this here Saturday turned out okay after all.


Jennifer said...Best Blogger Tips

That video got me through a few similar experiences too. I often have that similar thought of possibly crying and talk myslef out of it. I've added more of your quotes to my cupboards. Your thoughts on motherhood make mothering easier for me. Thankyou.