Thursday, June 16, 2011


Great girls night last night.

I laugh. "Girls nights" in southern Alberta mean bring a project to work on (and yummy things to eat,
of course).

So, project...

 Hmmm. I truly considered bringing a basket of laundry to fold (but I fold clothes directly into drawers, to avoid seeing red when freshly folded piles get accidentally toppled).

Hmmm project...

I have many:
-the on-going battle of keeping my house from falling into shambles including the aforementioned laundry
-keeping my kids fed and somedays dressed
- keeping up my phone correspondences/meaningful friendships/thoughtful conversations
(do these not qualify? let me try harder)

- sifting through endless jpegs with the impossible task of deciding which of all the adorable photos of my sons will go into the family albums (which people often take scrapbooks but I've gone digital)
- this blog, but writing isn't the most social of endeavors

In fact a lot of my "projects" involve the computer AND me tuning out.

I try and "multitask" sometimes when I'm immersed in a project. NOPE, doesn't work.
I LIKE projects that really suck me in.

SO for girls night, I just go. I look at everyone else's amazing projects.
And I'm just glad I'm there.

Which I think is big progress for me.  (Comparison is an on-going struggle).

So I guess I DID bring a "project" to girls night after all ...I brought ME (my BIGGEST project of all!)

And I think that project is going well.

I'm learning to laugh easier.
Worry less.
Take time out to be with other women.
Learning we can all be different and it's okay.
Trying to find real joy in others successes and talents without giving into the temptation  to let feelings of inferiority tant that joy)
Just trying to become a better, more sincere, caring and genuinely happy person.

Good thing I can go to girl's nights and be surrounded by ladies just like that!
So thanks ladies, as you sewed and scrap-booked and crocheted, you also helped me become better (so I guess some people can multitask!)

Oh I forgot I did finish off one other project...some delectable strawberry shortcake, done & done!

PS Fav quote of the night? (Just kidding Marie, what happens at girls night, stays at girls night:)


Marie said...Best Blogger Tips

My heart did a little jump when I saw there was a quote coming.

Thanks for the discretion! Hee-hee.

Liesel said...Best Blogger Tips

love it.