Monday, June 13, 2011

"false messages of [spiritual] lethargy"

Early morning run/walk with my friend (she's darling:newly married, fresh off her mission, she reminds me of earlier hopes, ideals, and just a less bogged-down me from a few years ago, and helps that Chelsea emerge...matured and refined of course;)

We talk about the gospel lots, but we're also running, or trying to run, so we also talk about how outta shape we are. So far we just run Mondays, so the other days I do a work out video (so mommyish!). The instructor is pretty hardcore, and there's one line that's stuck with me:

She talks about how we get told all the time oh just take the stairs, then she says


And because I'm me, I thought about the gospel.

I thought what are the false messages we get about our spirituality? I think we understand in the work out world that we have to pay a price to get results. What price am I willing to pay to get revelation in my life? For me it is getting up before my kids. (I fully espouse the idea that the Lord can let us know WHEN at different times of our lives we should be doing our a good friend of mine for years would do hers right after her kids went to bed(which for me I'm no good in the evening) and then one day she felt like, nope you should do them when your kids can SEE you, so you can set that example...the Lord will tell us, but I also know if we have no plan it probably just won't happen).

I also LOVE (surprise, surprise) Julie B. Becks rule. She decided years ago her rule would be, "I will read SOMETHING in the scriptures EACH day." Such a great rule, cuz somedays a long scripture study is doable and other days get away from us, but we can always read something!

But back to those false messages.

In an attempt to just get people into the scriptures we often here, just read something, even if it's just a verse. Obviously this is better than nothing. And you'll get blessings for your obedience and effort alone, but I wonder if we're fooling ourselves into thinking we're going to really see any spiritual thinking we can get fit, but simply putting on our workout clothes.

For me, there are days when I just read to get it in. But there are better days where my studies are a privilege, where the Lord reveals to me His will, for today! Where I feel his love and learn by the Spirit.

I ain't perfect. There was a few days last week even, where all day as I grouched at my kids, the thought kept coming "This is you, without me...this is the natural MOM (which I asure you isn't all too pretty!) trying to be good without the word and power of Christ changing you. You shoudl have read your scriptures.

That mighty change needs maintained.
Just like exercise.

And if we are to develop real strength, one, we just need to start, and two we need plan, a do-able plan. But we also need to realize the Lord has so much to give us. And while He has, on occasion got messages through to me in just a verse or two as I randomly flip open my scriptures in desperation, I think He'd rather have me come to Him everyday, and just develop our relationship, as He teaches me and helps me change. I can see greater results, and more change when I put in the time and pay the price.

If you have not already developed the habit of daily scripture study, start now and keep studying in order to be prepared for your responsibilities in this life and in the eternities. --Julie B Beck (who eles?)

For more encouragement read the whole talk HERE.

So I'm going to try not to just "take the stairs" this week in my scripture study, but try pushing myself, and giving the Lord more time to work with me and my heart, to get His messages through and to help me grow.


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