Monday, October 17, 2011

Things the rest of the world discovered long ago...

Remember our wonderful babysitter Jaci?
Well last time I left her with the boys, I came home to find out they'd gone on all sorts of adventures:

On a roller coaster!

To the mountains!
Just fun, fun, FUN!
And now McKye does it all the time. 
Takes picture after picture. 
In perfect 2 year-old narcissistic style.
With a running commentary of:
"Oh cute!" "Funny! Is funny!"
 "Kye!!!" giggle, giggle.

So I thought I'd try it. 
I sent this to Ben while he was away this weekend, 
pretty sure it made him wicked miss me.

Yup, we're one good looking family.

So once the kids wen to bed, I convinced Ben to give it a whirl.

This one's the best, Ben was laughing so hard by the time it took the picture.
So then he tried to be a bit more serious (the first time I discovered the "chipmunk" effect, I sat down to the computer and McKye had left photo-booth open, I was eating chips...yup I was a chipmunk munching on chips...real cute!)
Ben's eyebrows where just to good to miss this one.

We're such a cute couple.
What a catch I am.

Thanks Benny for being silly with me.


cc said...Best Blogger Tips

ha cute:)

Crystal HW said...Best Blogger Tips

It is always kind of refreshing to be silly every now and then. :)