Monday, October 17, 2011

Diner time: Some days just work and some days just really don't

Some days the outcome of our family dinner hour has nothing to do with my cooking abilities
or lack there of.

Dinner #1: Nothing in the fridge and yet I manage to whip up this delicious looking ( and tasting!) and healthy salad. Used left over pork roast, improvosed with the bluberries, which were so good we didn't even add any other dressing. It was an unexpected culinary triumph.

Which was followed the very next night by

Dinner # 2: or "thee disaster!"
Spaghetti gone bad.
Pretty sure I can usually manage a pot of pasta, not this time.
Must have got distracted, playing with my kids, or organizing something...
or maybe getting sucked into pinterest:)

                           Into the trash and boil up a fresh pot.

Dinner was fine in the end.
But it just made me realize, sometimes, whether dinner turns out or doesn't, is as predictable as, hmmm how 'bout Alberta weather!