Thursday, October 27, 2011

So cool...

Us Bretzke's are pretty cool...
Yup, pretty darn cool...
Even look cool doing this:

And speaking of cool. I went to a Mary Kay thingy a friend was hosting. It included a free makeover.
Now to truly appreciate this, you hafta know, I don't even own eyeshadow, and what do I usually slather on my lips?  
Super fancy vaseline, from a big old tube.

So this:
was a little much.
This was the picture I took to email Ben and creep him worked.

To be fair she was trying to give me a more dramatic look ( away from my o-natural everyday).

She didn't want me to blot...
so I cheated and gave Aaron a big ol' smooch:;)
Yup, these kids learn a lot of "cool" from their cool-io Mama!
(who tomorrow will be back to my day old mascara and vaseline:)