Monday, October 24, 2011

Levi's first birthday (aka more cupcakes)

Levi still has a few more days til his actual birthday, that magical first birthday. One whole year of existence, when everyone who loves you realizes it feels like just yesterday you were born, but simultaneously can't seem to remember life without you being.
But I'll save the mushy stuff for his actual birthday. 

This is just the birthday pictures.

The incase I drop it in transport pictures...

Drooling with anticipation


We had a family dinner sunday, so we just tacked on a little Happy Birthday singin' and cupcake eating.

Alysha licking off all the icing;)

Chocolate bottle to wash down the cupcakes, our one year tradition.

Happy birthday boy

One with the grandmas

The family dinner was for Daniel who will be leaving on his mission in November.

Love my dad snoozing the the background


It was a little windy...awesome hair eh? Got levi smiling.

Looking a bit worn out on the way home.

Pooped-out from the party.

Back home and ready to try out his presents.

Where was that face during the cupcake eating?


cc said...Best Blogger Tips

I LOVE love the did an awesome job on decorating them...the banner is fantastic too!

Alana said...Best Blogger Tips

Fun cupcakes! If you want a copy of the invite I made for Rebecca let me know and I'll put your son's name in (i saw your comment on Rebecca's blog)

Marie said...Best Blogger Tips

I loved the cupcakes and stand you made. The co-ordinating colours were so gorgeous.

He's one? Seriously????