Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bretzke house "uniform"...


Who wants to more laundry than absolutely necessary??? 
Not me!

So if my kids wanna wear t-shirts and undies all day long. Power to em!

(Hope these photos doesn't get me in trouble. Facebook asked me to remove a photo once...yup it a was a really funny one too, of Aaron eating a bag of chips IN the shower! The chip bag totally covered everything, and it was such quintessential "makes sense to me" Aaron thinking, but the good folks at FB are careful about such things (as well they shoudl be). Hopefully me boys in the ginchies isn't too much for blogger.)

Nakedness is nothing new to Aaron. In the 10 ft from our front door to the kitchen he can have stripped off his jacket, shirt, pants, AND socks, in one fluid motion ( he's the faster after church!)

I spent all summer with an extra "room" to I wandered about the back yard each day, picking up the discarded clothing items, Aaron had apparently found 
WAY too restrictive for effective trampoline bouncing.

But McKye is another story completely. One (of the many) things  that held me back in potty training was the kid getting into a phase where he insisted on wearing only easy on and off shorts or joggers, NOPE jeans and only jeans ( all of which have holes now from constant little boy life). Oh and always socks! So with the inevitable accidents of early potty training, I was quickly running out of the deemed-acceptable pants ( not even corduroy--which just took me ten tries to figure out how to spell-- was acceptable) We'd end up having to call it quits mid day til mommy could get yet another load through.

He also insist of the Lightening McQueen undies...which one day, I must say I was nigh-on genius. We were all out of "Lightnings", but I did have lightning stickers which I wiped out an stuck on the front of his underwear...yup I'm pretty brillant sometimes   
( must slept the night before;)

This is him pretty proud of himself for scoring two sippy cups.    Two being his fav # if you recall.

So yes in the name of less laundry (aka mommy's laziness) we've have fully embraced the new Bretzke "uniform". 
Too bad winter's coming.

Which brings me too my next little bit.

I love fall. I don't feel like I've gotten out to really enjoy it.
But luckily we have two little trees in our backyard that caught my eye yesterday as I washed dishes. Our little green trees had changed to bright yellow, and they were begging for me to take notice.  So I grabbed my camera and had a little "fall loving" in my own little backyard.

I also, really enjoy Halloween (the cutesy pumkiny Halloween though, not a big fan of the creepy severed arm style decorations, like a house on our street McKye is currently fascinated by...he makes scary faces and laughs when ever we walk by). 

I'm feeling a little swamped this year. McKye's birthday is ON Halloween and Levi's is the 26, and Ben's brother is leaving on his mission beginning of Nov, there just seems to be a bunch going on, and Halloween is feeling a little "bumped". 
We did buy pumpkins, but carving them seemed way to complicated for my short-attention-spanned little boys. But my friend suggested markers. So in our Bretzke uniforms, and made the boys sit down and draw on their pumpkins. (WARNING: I did end up with a bunch of crayola on my shirt transporting then back out to the front step)

It was quick and easy and fun.

When Aaron's done, he's done. He's not so much about the crafts;)
But he got a few compliant scribbles in.

Levi just thought it was funny to try and push the pumpkin off his high-chair tray when I was trying to take pictures. Just look at that littl' stinker face of his!
Even drew a bit, before trying to eat the marker.

He also wanted to eat the pumpkin, cuz, well he's Levi and want to eat everything.

LOVE McKye's colouring face. So serious.
He did have fun though.

In between the serious colouring.

A couple things I've been meaning to capture on video.

First, Leiv's mad stair-skills. 
I've seen him faster than this, chasing his brothers.

(I posted two, incase he was too fast and you missed it!!!!
oh and I had hiccups when I recorde this)
 And McKye  (and my) favorite book at the moment.
Read in Bretzke "uniform".

So if you're feeling sick of laundry, try a "Bretzke" day. 
You'll love it! I promise.


Alana said...Best Blogger Tips

We have a similar uniform at our house. Just be happy you have a fence. Parker would jump with just underwear and a t-shirt and lots of houses can see.

Jennifer Yanos said...Best Blogger Tips

I LOVE Snuggle Puppy!! I use to read it to my son all the time! Kinda funny though, we use a completely different tune! Makes me laugh. Thanks for sharing!

Chelsea Belle said...Best Blogger Tips

Alana: our neighbours both have higher decks, our neighbours see tons:)
Jen: Not even sure how that tune came about...but don't sing the "I'll love you forever" song around Ben in anything other than the orignal Robert Muncsch tune, let me tell you!