Monday, October 3, 2011

Blog de-bog

I've discovered something wonderful.

All you seasoned bloggers will laugh. (Remember how I started blogging 5 years after everyone else)

Scheduled posts!

It can look like I'm blogging "regularly" instead of in big blogging binges in the middle off the night:)

This would be a great feature for other things in life don't you think?
Burn Calories: scheduled (for right after that late night of ice cream)
Patience: scheduled (for right after your kid spits chocolate milk off the top bunk...true story)

Might even be handy to "schedule" your "in the moodedness"... but I won't say that one.

I think this'll help me manage me newest  addiction:) And maybe me hubby won't have to ask me so muh, "whatcha doing???" Even though he knows. Oh well Angry bird irritate me, each spouse gets a few freebies right!


This is a post I wrote but never posted. 

Because I'd also discovered drafted. Which ment everytime I didn't have time to edit, re-read, follow through a train of thought. OR any time I had a slightest idea for a blog post, I'd convenientely draft it.

WEll, that plan apparently that plan back-fired. 
Because I currently have  almost 30 drafts sitting there unfinished!!!!!!
Some of them are just jotted down titles, ideas for a "good post" others are basically done, but that darn draft option let me procrastinate, thinking I'd take one more picture or find that one quote.

Well it's time to clean it out (sheesh, if my closets, cupboards, email inboxes, weren't enough to clear out, now I add this!)

So if my next posts don't make sense chronologically you'll know why.


Crystal HW said...Best Blogger Tips

yes, that darn draft! I too know what you mean.