Sunday, October 16, 2011

A tad jealous of the hubby right now

So over the summer Ben was out in...hmmm either Winnipeg or Regina, I totally loose track...
 Anyways, while he was out there the Vivint team built a Habitat for Humanity. 

I've always wanted to do that!

Then this weekend (while I'm at home with a feverish baby up all night wondering if i should take him to emergency, which would involve calling over some poor friend to watch my other two sleeping kids)

Ben is down in Utah, playing lazer tag (not my thing), eating out (we do that lots), sleeping in a hotel room (k, slightly envious of that, seeing as all three kids the first morning he was gone,all got up at 5!)

and.....helping with Special Olympics!!!!

Hello, another dream of mine, and he mentions it like he had subway for lunch.

No he did think it was very cool. 

So two of my dreams, he just does, without me...and the worst part???
He didn't even take any pictures!!!!!!!


Liesel said...Best Blogger Tips

Next time call the friend. I wouldn't mind doing it especially because we've spent sooo much time in emergency, I know what it's like.
I read all your posts but rarely comment because there isn't much to add to your insight.

cc said...Best Blogger Tips

Seriously...he has the best life ever!! ha ha...
I saw you at conf. last night and wanted to say hey, but didn't get a chance...I hope your baby is feeling better! And call me anytime:)

Chelsea Belle said...Best Blogger Tips

We kept it under control with a cold cloth and Tylenol...he seems fine now, so weird (I'm definitely not the "nurse" in our family, I get way stressed out, Ben is way better at making sickie's comfortable..usually with chips and a movie!) Liesel, that sucks, emergency rooms are NO fun!

crystal saw you too...feels like it's been a while!