Wednesday, October 26, 2011

"Lovely" Levi ( the birthday post that took on a life of it's own!)

Ben's Grandma stayed with us for a week after Levi was born and she always called him "lovely".
 And he really is. 
So this not so little post, is dedicated to me not so little boy, our "Lovely Levi"

 A year ago today, I met my Levi. 
Instant, overwhelming love is pretty hard to describe.
"Look at the mitts on that one" was the nurse's first comment.
I grabbed that "little" purple hand and life would never again be "Levi-less".

There is something so extreme about someone coming into existence, beginning to be. 
It becomes impossible to remember that once I didn't know him, that he was a mystery churning inside of me, kicking and hiccuping, causing heartburn and anticipation. 
He was a list of possible names getting crossed off and discussed 
during our nightly "name homework" 
(by the time we were naming a third boy, pickin's were slim)
and now that name we picked, is a person. 

Levi Hallin Bretzke

Our third son.

Some of our family members took a bit to warm up to the idea
Didn't take long.

UH, so my friend Amanda, who WATCHED MY KIDS when I first left for the hospital, ended up joining us the next day! Crazy!

Cuz, apparently Tanner and Ben have to do EVERYTHING together.

 Scarlett and Levi are  good little "almost birthday" buddies.
These are there tubby baby photos, that were such a hit on facebook. 

    • Amy Lee Merrell LOOK at that pose! haha its like they are on a real date.
      April 12 at 3:53am ·  ·  1 person

    • June Bennett Bretzke so kissable chubbies. XXX
      April 12 at 9:41am · 

    • Shelley Clark-Hughes They will make a cute couple some day!!! Well they already do!....So cute!!!
      April 12 at 10:24am · 

    • Marina Wood R U kidding me!!! That is the cutest photo ever you need that on some baby advertisement!!!!
      April 12 at 2:13pm · 

    • Darlene Cosens Bowen I totally take it back this is the cutest picture ever!
      April 13 at 3:21pm · 

I absolutely love all the newborn shots my friend Kelsey took.

He was so sweet. 

And now a year later, he's...

..still sweet when he's sleeping (when he does sleep:)
I've just realized I've posted this picture a bunch, I just love it.

Some things about Levi, "for the record". (Somedays this gets to just be my thoughts, but it doubles as a family journal, and while I love the idea of having a separate journal for each of my kids, lovingly recording their little lives..this is easier ) 

And pictures really do say it all.

 All my boys were big.
 I've heard ever euphemism (chunky, solid, stalky, thick, healthy) and endured many a conversation about the quality of my breast milk...aka "what kinda cream you feedin' that kid!"
Yup all my boys were big, but Levi got there the quickest: 23 lbs by 5 months (Maybe that's why I cherish that newborn shoot so much, cuz he didn't stay that way for long!)
His little friend , about the same age. We left them with my friends babysitter and she took had to take picture of the Levi, cuz she couldn't believe how big he was!)

 This onsie, while true, is definelty not exclusive. Levi "luvs" everyone. 
And everyone loves him!
Probably cuz he's such a BIG flirt!

He does this thing with his eyebrows, right before he breaks into a big grin, that just makes everyone, the grocery clerk, the person behind us at church, all the relatives, think, "Oh yeah, i'm his definite favorite!" He had a bit of a fan club at church. We didn't dare leave til they got to squish "chubby-chunga"'s cheeks.

When he came with me and mom to DC this summer, he literally had tourists taking pictures of him (the White house was no competition for the adorably fat baby!) He even made airport security crack a smile!

That was such a fun trip. 
Having just Levi. 
Getting to know his cute personality. 
Finding out what a charmer he is.

Ya know the little stories about eagles raised with chickens...or is it monkeys with dogs..anyways, how they end up believing they are the other animal and act like they are.

Well Levi has always thought he was a big boy!

Anything his brothers could do he [thought] he could do too.
 And lots of times he could!

Climb up the slide. 
Climb onto the trampoline.
Climb up the bunk bed ladder.
Crawl into the lake. 
Fight over the iPad.

If  his brothers are doing it, 
he's right there with em.

Levi is so many things.

To say he's "easy-going" is a gross understatement! (He's been sat on, pulled across the carpet, been force-fed bottles, wrestled against his will, and abused in general by McKye) and still "get along" amazingly well.

He's just a good little sidekick.

Looking back over this year. He has been a total blessing.

He has been exactly what our family needed. 
Sure he could have slept a little better (but I'm starting to think that may just be my lot). 
But he couldn't have been any cuter, more generally good natured, more of a fit for us.

Levi, is a name of Hebrew origin that means "Joined"; "combined"; "joined in harmony".

In so many ways Levi "joined" our family. 
Our first, our second were both big adjustments, but Levi truly "joined" us. 
Like his place was already planned, and carved out and he merely filled it. 
Slipped into our lives, soflty, unassuming.
"I'm here", "I belong" , 
"I am mean tot be a part of this family, and so I am."

I am so in love with my little Levi. 
I love how I can look at him and see all my boys: Aaron, McKye, and Benny all rolled together, 
with those distinct Levi eyes all his own. The window to his unique little soul, all his own.

Only 365 days, and I feel like I already know you so well. 

And yet there is so much more to be learned.
So many years to come.
So many milestones. So much mischievousness yet to come. 
And I just want to remember, as much as my knowledge of you will grow, Levi...
my love is already beyond expression. Already so big, so full. 
Because, love my son, is a gift.
And my love for you, was given to my heart right along with the purpley 8 lbs 4 oz babe with the "big mitts" that was placed in my arms exactly a year ago.
My lovely Levi.

... trying really hard to "walk by a year"....almost Levi, almost.

Levi this morning


cc said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh, what a sweetie1 Those pictures are to die for...loved this post:) Happy Birthday sweet lovely levi:)

yoga mamma said...Best Blogger Tips

Happy Day of Birth to your very handsome boy! I love seeing all your amazing photos. It seems like just yesterday when you and Amanda told me you were pregnant. Time sure does fly...give those cheeks a smooch for me.