Thursday, September 15, 2011

A pair of brothers made for each other

There's one thing we definitely don't lack around here, and that's good old 

I've always said the reason Levi came so "padded" was for protection! 
All that sheer girth has been essential in surviving all his brother's "loves".

I know kids mal babies, but McKye and Levi have been full on wrestling now for a while! 
McKye lately loves to just grab a limb and pull! "Come on Levi let's go play over here!"
And Levi just laughs a long. He'll cry if it gets really outta hand, but for the most part he takes his brothers roughness like a....boy.

My little "tom-boy" at heart is slowly giving into the reality, there truly is a difference in ingredients in the "pink' bundles VS the "blue", cuz although we get a little "sugar and spice" once n a while, it's mostly "frogs and snails" (although I think that nursery rhyme out to be updated to "drool and noise and electronic toys!"

So here's a few things my two youngest sons have in common (already)

1. They move, move, MOVE!
My boys could jump on the tramp, and jump on each other and run run,run, all day every day. (Okay Levi doesn't run yet, but he does a mad bear crawl! And yes he already "jumps" on the tramp, climbs up by himself and lets his brothers bounce him about ...he may or may not have fallen off for the first time today, again thank goodness for the "padding")
They really are on the move all day long. I was describing Mckye at a circle song time to my friend, when he looked like he was totally NOT engaged but he showed a few times he was totally listening, just not sitting down and "paying attention" the way he was "suppose to". She said she just read something about how active kids busying that physical part of their brain, and how it actually helps them focus ( not to be confused with so called "multi-tasking" that professes to do tasks involving the same mental processes ie talking on the phone and trying an email, and realizing you stopped listening)

I see the boys that sit and draw or build elaborate lego creations  my brother was one of those..three sisters, no one to wrestle with?) and I think do i get me one of those????

Number 2. Is wrestling
it is a hardwired. They honestly need it! Want it! the rough and tumble with Daddy, r each other a total delight. (which is great at home and a bit more tricky at the playground)
Ben and I watched McKye grab Levi around the waist and roll backwards over and over again, happily announcing his victory "Gaaa-tcha!" and they's both giggle. One time Levi ended up on top of McKye's arm, totally pinning his distressed brother, we being the god parents we are laughed and called it "Levi gotcha!!!!" it was hilarious.

This summer me and  the boys spent a week at a friends house with her and her two boys. I was a bit embarrassed at how rough I let mcKye be with Levi, but when i mentioned it, she, as ever helped me put things in perspective. "Sure McKye's rough, but I've noticed how aware he is of Levi, how often he notices his needs and thinks to bring him a toy if he's sad or share his fish crackers. He's really quite nurturing." Her comment made me pay attention and I really have seen McKye taking care of his brother, maybe not in a gentle 'little mommy' way but definitely in a "I got your back little bro" kinda way. I'm grateful for a her observation that's let me see bast the gruffness and see the hidden tenderness.

3. Electronics!
Anything with a screen, buttons..they're there. i think it's funny McKye assumes everything is touchscreen. He can open a window type"t" enter and play on his fav Treehouse sight, all by himself.  He probably maneuvers the iPad better than me. It's crazy how fast he picks up a device and figures it out.  

And he's quickly passing on the skills  to his willing-tutor of a little brother.

Teaching  Levi how to "swipe"

And a bit of wrestling to finish it off

4.Trains, planes, and sound effects!

Again, it's in the DNA.
There must be a reason why my 18 month old can pick up a sword and make perfect "swish", and my "machine gun" (according to my husband) sounds like a goat. 

This was Levi's "slobber-mobile" :

Every time Levi hears that video he fires up the ol' drool motor! So cute.

5. Last but not least, they really do love each other!

Look close for a little lick...thought posterity wouldn't wanna miss that!

It's not a perfect relationship. I mean Mckye went in three time outs in a row right after dinner for being mean to his little brother, but then after being out with his dad and their plane and Levi got left home alone with his boring-blogging mamma, it was such a sweet reunion: McKye "LEEEee-vi-vi-vi-vi-vi" in his best baby voice as he ran toward his brother, bear crawling as fast as he can his face having lit up the moment he saw his big brother was home.

I wondered about sending McKye to preschool this year, and by wonder I mean stressed and prayed. And when I prayed the answer i got was that him and Levi needed this year to be together. 

To be brothers. 
To wrestle. 
To make sound effects. 

And to become friends.

One week into that "plan" and I see the wisdom already.


Rebecca said...Best Blogger Tips

LOVED the iPhone pictures. They really are made for each other!

Marie said...Best Blogger Tips

I really think that a great sibling relationship sets people up for life. What can't you learn that you'll need for outside relationships? How to fight and make up? Check. How to share? Check. How to help out? Check. How to get really, really mad, but still love them? Check. How to negotiate? Check.

Those boys are building some major life skills.

Amy said...Best Blogger Tips

Loved this, especially the photos of Levi and McKye (sp?) in matching jammies and Levi's diaper is busting out of the snaps haha. Padding haha. Cute.