Monday, September 5, 2011

Sing song mamma

If you haven't discovered this yet...
your welcome. 
(Not sure when these dads go to work..)

I love this latest one, mostly for the sing-songy voice the mom is given.

I never thought of myself as a sing-songy mom (and most days I am far from it)

However, the last little bit McKye has begun expressing EVERYTHING with a new littel accent, from the counrty of WHINE! 

The whiny voice all day long was driving me bonkers.

So (in desperation) I started to pretend I couldn't hear his whiny voice and would say whatever he was saying in a "happy voice" aka sing-songy voice, until he catches on and uses his happy voice too.
It makes for an interesting dialouge 

"MILK PLEEZZZ MAH-MEEEEEE" demands the tyrant "McKye the Miserable."
"Milk pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese, mah-meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" whines the about to die of milk deprevation, dramatist that is also McKye.

"I can't hear you" I reply (sung to your favorite door bell cadence). 
"Try your happy voice" I melodically suggest.
"Milk please mommy" I sing in my best Snow White impersonation.

"Milk pleez Mah-mee" he usually clues in.

Little did I know before I became the mother of pre-schoolers that a sing-songy voice was a total cooping mechanism! You say it how you wish you were feeling, cuz if you didn't mask it a little bit, your kids might get scarred of you. 
And their suppose to love us, right?

Snow white voice has always drove me a little nuts. Maybe those darn dwarfts were driving her insane, and she was just trying to keep it together. A litte empathy. 
But not too much, cuz she did have all those birds and rabbits to help me clean her house!

I fully intend, once my "little rabbits" are more chore-doing ages, 
to sing this every Saturday morning!