Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I was gonna call this "Ten on Tuesday" totally copying my friend Rhonda cuz, well I want to be her, cuz she's awesome. 
Plus, I needed somewhere for not quite post-worthy randomness: the interesting or funny little snippets, that didn't have a place. I guess this is my blogging "junk drawer" (oh you don't have one of those? You might be too perfect to be reading my blog;)

Then it was Wednesday. Oh well. Now I don't hafta do 10, right?

1. Weather (so Canadian to talk about the weather!) Mamma Nature gave us a nice little reminder in last weeks cold snap that nice weather is a privileged (especially for Canadians) and she'd give us a bit more if we promised to appreciate it. So we are.

2. Eye surgery. After years of talking about it, we're doing it! Ben has two more sleeps until his new glasses-less life (I'm a week later). He could NOT be more excited. I think Ben looks great in glasses, and may actually miss them on him. 
This was literally moments after I got my first SLR, in fact I think he's holding the box.
Benny was my captive subject in the car, as I happily snapped picture after picture of him.

 I, on the other hand hate myself in glasses,and having to wear them these last few weeks has driven me bonkers! (I usually yank em off for pictures, call me vain, I just don't think I look like ME). I'm also a little worried...there's a small chance I may have to get the old school surgery (with the longer recovery time), cuz my eyes were so dry (chronic contact wearing, combined with sleepless nights and a constant nurser apparently suck your little eyeballs dry!) At any rate we'll know in a few days.

[ UPDATE: I'm actually finishing this up in Calgary, Ben's eyes have been lazerfied, and I do hafta do the old PRK kind (if I decide to). Which makes me really, really nervous about the recovery... how does a mom of three just check out for 3-4 days?!?]

3. Our new next door neighbour plays the flute. How do I know this, you ask? Well, because yesterday morning he took said flute into his yard adjoining ours and played it for the good part of an hour. It was kinda odd, yet sorta cool. When he first started, Ben and I were quite confused as to where the music was coming from. It'll be interesting to see if all our mornings will be serenaded. He played minor scales for a while, and Ben looked up form his lunch making and said: "I feel like I'm in the Jungle Book" (ha ha, my funny hubby, if you don't get it go watch the opening scene)

4. I love my siblings.
It's so fun now that we're all adults.
Melanie's so cute as a new mommy
Sam's been living with us while he does his MRI tech practicum at the hospital. He babysits a lot and endures my match-making attempts ( I can be rather determined)
Krista always makes me laugh, is always up for a game of catan, gives me yummy veggies from her amazing garden, and lets me take pictures of her and her awesome kiddos.  See below:
Oh, and she's so great to take one for the mom's had a new grandkid every year for seven years, it was suppose to be Sam's year, but alas none of my match-making has panned out... 
thanks Krista! We all know you get skinniest the fastest after pregnancy anyway:)

5. I have 8 large containers of borscht (beet soup) in my freezer (thanks to Krista and her awesome garden). However, I'm pretty darn sure I'm the only one in my family thats gonna eat it. May take me a while. Hopefully I still like it by the end. 

6. McKye is all about airplanes which may have something to do with his Daddy's new toy
Grandma Bowen worked his love into the activities at the family potluck

I'm loving this "retro" (which is the way to say "old enough to be cool and not just old") Fisher Price airplane we found in some toys from Ben's mom.

 These two! 
Anything to be like Daddy. 

7. The summer after I had 2007? (Isn't it fun when you realize you're old enough to figure out the years things which kid was born when!) I was out at my moms one weekend (Benny was out a town). "It's the Glenwood Fun Run" tomorrow she siad casually. I hadn't run in a long time. But it was a "fun" run so I decided to do the      5 k. It was fun. And I won (all the "real" runners were in the 10 K). Last year I was too pregnant to waddle let alone run, but I really wanted to do it again this year. But I've decide I much preferred just doing it on the fly. Now I feel like I should be "training". Well it's in a few days and I sure haven't run much at all. I was gonna run tonight, but instead we ate pizza. We'll see if this year turns out to be "fun" or not.

Well I didn't make it to ten. Oh well. 

8. Number eights the best anyways. 
 I was out at Krista's and she had a wig, so naturally...

Rock on Levi, rock on!


cc said...Best Blogger Tips

love the post...random is awesome actually...and if you do the surgery, just ship your kids over here...I'm sure you'll find enough helping hands between everyone in the ward!! I could even just head over there during the days or something...seriously!

Rebecca said...Best Blogger Tips

Summer AFTER McKye? 2009.

Marie said...Best Blogger Tips

wonderful randomness. I actually need to do a mish-mashy post to catch up on the blogging neglect.

Chelsea Belle said...Best Blogger Tips

Crystal: you may have just recruited yourself...on the way up to Calgary yesterday we were discussing our kids and their needs, and we again discussed McKye's need to have more interaction with typical kids (your boys made the list of potential play mates:)

Rebecca: Your editing skills far surpass anything I could dream of. This "quick" post took forever, cuz my brain was feeling extra mushy the night I tried to write it.

Marie: So, I realize you've sent me an invite to your blog, numerous times. Alas, the first time I didn't understand blogs at all, the next time I was signed in with a different blogger account I never use, so I'm finally swallowing my pride and asking embarrassing.