Saturday, September 10, 2011

You'll never guess what time it is...

Ok I'll try and convince myself I'm happy I'm up ( again) at 4 am, 
some extra time to blog right?


Aaron is happily (and repeatedly) jumping off his dresser, the resulting thud is surprisingly loud echoing through our sleeping household (well, mostly sleeping). He may be loosing that dresser pretty quick. Either that, or I'll be loosing my mind.

Quick random updates from my random posts.

No more flute playing...kinda disappointed actually.

And no run tomorrow. Considering the 4 hours of sleep I may be forced to do this saturday on, it's probably all for the best.

Instead I went out with the girls and ate these:

5k run OR obscene amount of donuts, covered in icing sugar, dipped in three equally delicious choices of bavarian cream, raspberry sauce and fancy chocolate?

Was there really a choice???

Not getting eye surgery. Classic Chelsea back out. Maybe later. 

Oh have a mentioned I'm so bad at making decisions? 
Choices, as in choose the right VS wrong, those aren't so bad, but when it just doesn't matter either way and it's just my choice...yikes. Apparently figuring out what I want is hard for me.

I was obsessing over the eye surgery thing with a friend, who I really ought to start sending checks to for her "therapy sessions", because she is so good at helping me get to the"real issues" behind my general stressing. One thing we distilled was woman (or maybe it's just me) take EVERYTHING painstakingly into account. 

We've lovingly deemed it the "shower principle". Let me explain.

Man thinks "I should shower."
Man showers.

Woman think, huh, I haven't showered in a few days. "Oh but there's the baby, if I nurse first, but then I'll still need to exercise, but I won't have time to blow dry til the toddler goes down for a nap because right now he's whining for cereal, which I could read my scriptures while I eat with him"... but the phone rings and then the freshly showered husband comes down and by the time you see him lovingly out the door, you sit down to another morning of soggy cornflakes, which your forced to scarf down because the two year old now is begging you for a show. When he finally goes down for a nap 5 non-stop hours later, you think I'll quickly put on a load of laundry, but by then the baby wakes up, he could go in the shower with you, but you'll still never get blow the end, maybe you'll just shower tomorrow.

Maybe I should shower at 4 am...but then I still couldn't blow dry could I.

At this point in the post I'm suppose to post some lovely encouraging quote from Julie B Beck about mothering and sacrifice, but my lap top is dying and those donuts are not apparently the breakfast of champions. 

Hopefully I've tired myself out enough to tune out the incessant thuding.

Ah, can't do it, too depressing, I need to redeem this post from it's whiny "woe is me tone" for those of you who missed this link a few days back:

No ordinary work done by a man is either as hard
 or as responsible 
as the work of a woman 
who is bringing up a family of small children; 
for upon her time and strength demands
 are made not only every hour of the day 
but often every hour of the night.
--Theodore Roosevelt

I was going to write something cute, like 
"I guess Mrs. Roosevelt saw her share of 4 am's too"

Then, out of curiosity, I went to look up how many kids he had and read this

In 1880, Roosevelt married Alice Hathaway Lee (July 29, 1861 – February 14, 1884) of Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. She died young of an undiagnosed case of kidney failure two days after their infant Alice was born. Her pregnancy had masked the illness. Theodore Roosevelt's mother Mittie died of typhoid fever on the same day, at 3 am, some eleven hours earlier, in the same house. After the nearly simultaneous deaths of his mother and wife, in his diary, he wrote a large 'X' on the page and then, "The light has gone out of my life." (See diary photo).
Diary Entry Feb 14, 1884

He re-married and had 5 more children.

5 am perspective. Aaron means " shining light".  
I need to remember and be grateful for my "little" trials...
that my "little light" is not out, just up.


Rachel Wolff said...Best Blogger Tips

I love you Chelsea--you always have such a positive attitude, even when you don't. Do you know what I mean? I mean you tell the hard things just like they are and then you give it a positive twist. I admire that.