Friday, August 26, 2011

Last rays of summer

The house was a mess (how many posts could start like that?)
And I just didn't feel like cleaning. (imagine that)

Summer is waning. And so is our families energy. 

But we know come January will we wish we'd spent an evening cleaning the house or outside playing while we can? Canadians have so much pressure during summer, two short months to cram in all our summertime dreams.

Tonight's outing (ie avoidance of cleaning) turned out really fun.

As I was chucking our two year old in the stroller (the one who had whined non-stop all day...pleeeeeeease tell me it's a phase!) Benny said, "Can I take my plane?" I gave him my best "I'm not your mother" face, and said "Sure."

What a great idea. 

Ben has a love for anything remote control. 
Love. Fascination. Obsession. 

A few facts about RC toys: 
1) they break
2)there is always a more expensive one to buy
3)they also break too
4) but they're always fun while they last

The first purchase Benny and I argued  disagreed about was  a remote control plane he bought with a friend. Busted the first time they flew it. They fixed it. Broke it again. By the end of it's life, it had been converted into remote control boat! Pretty sure those boys had more fun "fixing" that thing then they did flying/floating it.

There's been various helicopters and cars since, which he's really good about limited to birthdays or Christmas time. 

A few months ago Fed-ex dropped off a box. I opened it and called Ben. 

"Um, so dear...your uh plane came today..."

I think I could hear the fear in the silence. "Oh yaaaa...I uh...forgot to tell you about that?"
I laughed, and he realized I was just teasing him. Poor guys works hard. 

Now he tries to convince me there for McKye...

...we all know that 's not quite true. 

Oh but they were cute together out there, oh so excited. 

Ah, another generation of boys loving their toys. 
Sorry to the future Mrs. McKye, I tried. 

My new toy??? 
Lately, I'm liking just taking picture on my phone. 
Love the quality of my real camera, but I just can't lug it to every park...
so now instagram 
just helps me celebrate the low quality and make the graininess reto and cool.
My kids get a little sick of me so her my "self-portraits"

Love that this one shows my puzzle piece necklace...mother's days present from Benny. 
Remote control...pretty necklace, guess we all have our things that make us happy.


Crystal HW said...Best Blogger Tips

Its a guy thing. Rob has a few remote control cars, too and not even a boy to say he gets them!

Amy said...Best Blogger Tips

Aubey wants a remote controlled plane so badly, the gas powered kind. Yep, boys and their toys.
Cute pics of you!