Saturday, August 13, 2011

I didn't post this? (Shower for Kamber Rose)

My littlest sister had a baby. 
And she asked her big sister to through a shower. 
This is the result:
I love her middle name (same as her mommy Melanie Rose) and I decided (poor girlie deprived mother of boys that I am) that we were having a rose themed shower.

Our cousin also had a baby boy, Lucus, so it was a double shower for the family coming down from Calgary.
Hers & his

Sleeping Lucus

Levi working the crowd

The mamma

Levi is suppose to wait til his first birthday to get a cupcake...he grabbed one at Aaron's birthday and nabbed another one at eth shower, little stinker.

My mommy and Aunties

Two mammas

My new fav of Evanny

My crafty sister!

OH Krista, how I love you!

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