Sunday, August 21, 2011

Not my most spiritual Sunday post

An awesome friend of mine thanked me tonight for "keeping it real" on here.

So here it is...
This was me tonight. Drowning my "sorrows" in a jar of nutella. Don't worry nothing big. Nothing a little hazelnut-heaven on  spatula can't cure.

It was pretty cute this morning, when McKye , who we'd previously decided would be staying home from church (due to the volume of poopage in his diapers, and the VOLUME at which said poopage was being delivered there...nice right, diarrhea and chocolate, killer combo, ubber classy of me)
was soooo sad. 

As soon as he saw Aaron in his sunday cloths, he ran to the closet and got his sunday shoes and put them (with his pajamas) on calling out to everyone "Chur-ech, chuuuur-eh." And when he realized he wasn't going to church, he was so upset. 

The pew was eerily quiet with out him. 
Sacrament rather boring without the running commentary of:

"Bread!!! (whisper McKye)
"Prayers...Aaron Prayers!" 
"Water!!!" (whisper McKye!!!!)
"More!" (No, all done)

"Alllllll done! Nuersery now? (not yet)
(2 seconds)
"Nursery NOOW???!?!!"
(few more seconds)
"Nursery NOW!"

Must be doing something right (well at least his amazing nursery teachers are!) 


cc said...Best Blogger Tips

Your bench did seem awfully quiet today! lol...poor guy, hope he's feeling better soon! And yes, nutella cures pretty much everything I think.

Grammarules said...Best Blogger Tips

My favorite 'comfort' sandwich is Nutella and Crunchy Squirel peanut butter. Kinda 'reeses pieces' sandwich!