Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ah, Jaci how we'll miss you!

This girl right here:

Love her!

She came for a"few days" almost two weeks ago, cuz we just couldn't let her go. 
My husband is the oldest of 8 kids. And Jaci is the youngest. There's 17 years between them.
Which means, because Ben and I started dating when we were 17, Jaci has never known her brother without me and I've known her since right after she was born!

In a few weeks she'll turn 13!
(She showed me the boy she likes on facebook and it made me feel old)

We've swam and jumped on the tramp and cleaned and all of it was vetter cuz Aunty Jaci was with us.  Asked her what she wanted for her "last supper" and she said McDonald's, not gonna argue with gool ol "Bries! and chUP!" (Fries and ketchup, for those of you who don't speak "Mckye")

The play place sign said up to 12 could play. She grinned and chased my kids to the top.

Down to the river valley. Bear foot we romped. And the whole time I couldn't get the image of Jaci as a toddler out of my head.  Because it was yesterday. Wasn't it?

Apparently not. 

And soon my kids will be chasing and delighting HER kids. The circle of life...well at the very least the circle of babysitting.

I was so glad she came. 
Thanks Jaci, we love you!

More shots from our quiet summer evening. (Trying to savour the last bits of summer, before it's back to bundling up all the time.)


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