Thursday, August 18, 2011

Delay much? "Drafted"

I keep half way writing posts and then not finishing them.
And the little orange "drafted"s are starting to pile up!

Ben was actually home last week. So instead of happily blogging at all hours of the night, I laid there writing things in my head, trying to be quiet while he slept.

Now I'm behind.

So I didn't blog about my awful day, where even Aaron's home therapists said, "Your off your game today!" Instead I bawled to my phone girls. You know that story of Moses' arms being held up...that's how I picture me and my two everyday phone friends, me: arms in the air holding my two cordless phones (always just about dead) and them holding me up. With out them, yup, I'd just...well, fall over.
They definitively held me up yesterday.

Then I also haven't blogged about my killer awesome day today. Tender mercies, fresh perspectives, and just some good ol' tickles and laughs with my kids just making all the difference.

Haven't posted my new found connection with learning to make choices and self-esteem...
Or my contemplations on end of summer funks...
Or my latest enamored-ness with Levi and his emerging personality ...
Or how I almost drowned Aaron with a mouthful of pop at MacDonald's...
Or how much I love my little sister-in-law who's been staying with us...
Or how Benny's always responses to my I love you's with "Me too, beaucoup, beaucoup" and only recently did I explain that  I always think "Buckets and buckets" even though I know that's Or not the translation.

Aw life, with your fullness. (Oh yeah, the post on stress and being busy, obviously written on a day I was too busy to really write it)

So there they all sit "drafted".
I blame blogger they make procrastination way too easy.
Drat you auto save.

Oh well I'll post this. And go to bed. Temple tomorrow and lunch with Ben's mom and sisters, where we'll undoubtedly enjoy good thought provoking conversation.

More thoughts provoked.
More half-way written posts about such provoked thoughts.
Sigh. It's vicious cycle.



Crystal HW said...Best Blogger Tips

I know what you mean. Life can get so busy with all the things we do and fill our time with that sometimes posts do just get drafted. I do have to say that you seem to find the time much better than I do...and they are such great posts, too!

Chelsea Belle said...Best Blogger Tips

Ah Crystal, you're great.
Yes I "find" time usually 2 am or so.
That's okay I've been told my middle of the night posts are my bestest.

Amy said...Best Blogger Tips

Sometimes I crave a good purge of my thoughts onto my blog, and lately it hasn't happened nearly enough. so, I totally "get" this post.