Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My little rock star

"Dance! Dance!" was McKye's regular evening plea, for weeks.
He now has learned how to get into his fav iTunes playlist all by himself and rocks outs out regularly.

And I, as his mother, am completely entitled to think it's adorable.
How could you not with a face full of joy like this one:

This was his first FAVORITE SONG, which I didn't mind at all,  cuz it's one awesome mashup.

Then I thought maybe he needed some more age-appropriate music, so then we had  a month of... 
But before long the "Hop" trailer got him back to his rockin' roots

Add a guitar....

I had to hide around the corner filming him with my phone. You can see him notice me, and pretend not to.

Love his little leg up here.

Add drums...
 We've got a little rock star in the making.
he always tells us to "Go Away!"
His biggest fan

And if that doesn't pan out, he always has his back up plan: