Sunday, October 16, 2011

Food + kids + cameras = fun

McKye is obsessed with the number 2 (just in time to turn 3:) 
If he doesn't have one in each hand, he ain't happy.
He want two of everything, including....
 I got two pickles 
 I got two pickles 
 I got two pickles
Hey, hey, hey, hey!!!

  Dang he's cute!

But is anything cuter than a baby eating 

This interesting expression is the result of him slurping the spaghetti back so fast
I'm positive it didn't even touch his oesophagus.
Chew? Who can be bothered to chew?

All done!


cc said...Best Blogger Tips

ha got some pretty cute boys! And you're right, I didn't even cry reading this one:)

Amy and David said...Best Blogger Tips

I love Levi's chubby hand!