Tuesday, November 1, 2011

McKye's Monster Birthday Bash

My son is born on Halloween. I wouldn't recommend it.
I remember being in labour, and the radio at the hospital playing "Monster Mash" at midnight. Not the most inspiring song in the world for women in labour.
Don't get me wrong. I love Halloween. I love it enough I would rather JUST do Halloween.

So in between a bunch of Hall0ween parties, another family dinner, singing at a fireside,and whipping up some baby shower invites, and the primary presentation (which I will also need to do a post about soon), and a last-of-the-month home teaching blitz this weekend was pretty packed as it was. 
But what the hey, we'll add a birthday party too!

It turned out to be quite the party. (Which I have a bunch of analytical thoughts an feelings about... what are my motivations? when does it stop being about the kid? what happened to hotdogs being enough? OR is using our talents one of the ways we show our kids love...ie we know we can't do everything perfect, so we try to make a few perfect-day memories...lots of thoughts I'll just keep rolling around in my head, and get on with the picture-fest!

I blame Rebecca...if Sully's Monster party hadn't been so darn adorable I may have stuck to the "keep it simple plan"...oh and Safeway bakery, that already made monster cake, really sealed the deal.

I'm hoping "my little monster" had fun embarking on 
the 3rd year of his little life.
Cuz his mom sure had fun theming & scheming, and cutting a pasting together what turned out, in her opinion, to be one heck of a construction paper party spectacular!

Dad had less fun. His job was to clean up after his wife's creative frenzies:)

Loved how the monster po-poms turned out...they may be hung up in McKyes' room for a while.
My ugly ceiling fan actually was quite handy

Had so much fun creating monsters characters for the popcorn bags! 

Cute monster masks from Rebecca.

Ahhhh, googily eyes, my new friend.

Mike Wazowski's cousin Ike?

3! (well just about)

This part if proudly brought to you by....

Look who's starting to walk!

McKye kept changing his costume like every 5 minutes.

Ben thought I needed an itinerary.
Even though the kids would have been happy just doing this...

Took us like good 15 minutes to convince McKye to join his friends at the table ( I was just about ready to put him in his room and have the party without him, he came around though)
I decided to start the your 3, so you get 3 friends at your party concept this year. Even though McKye's still at the point where we pretty much inform him of who his friends are. 
How cute is Finagin? Finely: McKye's "girlfriend")

Waston: McKye's I'm obsessed with you, and wake-up saying, "Watson's house?!?!" older friend.

Isaac: McKye's, I can actually play with you for longer than five minutes without adult intervention, thank-goodness, friend.

And Scarlett got to come along...oh cuz, Levi didn't get his one friend at his party (like how I worked that out)

And the birthday monster himself.

Amanda helping out with pin the eyeball on the monster & looking pretty hot...wait til I post Halloween picks!!!

The monster mask sticks, became swords...
of course, everything is either a gun or a sword these days.

While the daddy's took the kids down stairs for popcorn & a video, the mommy's did a Halloween craft.

Tanner looks excited for presents.

McKye picked this up in the dollar store, and his mommy couldn't bring herself to buy it,
so daddy had to go back ...

...he bought two.
Apparently it's a replica of the same machine gun Ben got to shoot at a shooting range down in Utah last month, which he videoed...the little grin is amazingly similar. Boys. I don't get it.

It really was nice of Safeway to have such cute monster cakes.

It was a good day.


Marie said...Best Blogger Tips

It is official: I am doing a monster party when Harrison has his next birthday. You know, in 11.5 months from now. Never too early to plan, right?

It looks great! Between this and the Toy Story party you did, I don't know how you'll top things next year. (I know, I know, it's not about that)