Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The never-ending Halloween weekend o' fun!

Halloween this year was....
it was fun, yes, definitely fun. It had it's moments though.

Hmmmm how to explain. When we woke up Halloween morning, Ben said,
"Seriously we haven't actually done Halloween yet???!?!"

Halloween kinda seeped out of it's allotted day on the calendar this year and with surprising vigor invaded an entire weekend. Which was, as afore mentioned---fun. 

I'm ready to pack it in though.  Especially the Halloween rubbermaid that is currently exploded all over our bedroom.

The run down:
I ran around to 4 different dollar stores looking for orange tissue paper for McKye's birthday party, til finally I gave in and paid $2.78 (urrr) at Zellers (Canadian Walmart, which seriously has a way better name). So my, what I thought was gonna be a quick-one-stop supply-getting, turned into all morning. 

Spent the afternoon swimming with another October birthday, one of thee sweetest little girls I know (and we still owe her a birthday present, because in all my dollor-storing I forgot to get her something!) 

After that party it was into costume for the first Halloween party of the weekend. 
We broke out the old super-hero costumes, and I ended up hiding my tight-ed legs under cushions all night.  That red-skort always seems longer at home:)

We had to leave that party early to relieve my brother who was baby-siting so he could hit the dance, with his sweet costume. 

In case you didn't get it...

I love adults dressing up!

Woodland fairy (with brave glitter application), and classic, hiles in a sheet ghost, although, his eye hole were wandering and he pinned it back a bit...let's just say it's a good thing it wasn't pointed.

Our hostesses,  "Down on my luck" and "crazy cat lady.
Butterfly catcher and her buttefly...clever. clever

Cowboys are always a good choice.

Yes folks it's a diaper, she's a baby, double points for using available materials, and triple points for bravery


Still trying to convince her to wear the wig to church (probably not the horns)

After going to bed at 2 (party preppin'), the kids got us up at 6, and I just happily did party stuff, while Ben "happily" played with the boys.

After McKye's birthday bash...
We skipped a family Halloween party to take a minute to just unwind a bit 'til we got picked up for adult party #2, 
by this good looking couple:

Seriously Amanda's expression makes the costume.


sometimes it's all about concept (though we were warned the strike could end at any moment!)

Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler...Ba-zinga!

The ghost costume was re-cylced into a turban.
The party was sooo fun. We played a game that in the end we had written these random stories...we were laughing so hard we could barely read them!

Sunday: Was less Halloweeny, but just as jam-packed!
It was the Primary presentation...the best sunday of the year. All those kiddos singing their little faith-filled hearts out. So excited to say their little part into the microphone. 

The speaking part is a little tricky for my strong and silent Aaron.
His class's theme was My body is a Temple. This was what we came up with. With Aaron beside me I say:

We all needed to come to earth to receive a body. Sometimes our bodies don't work, people are born blind or deaf or sick. Aaron has autism, so his mind has a hard time understanding things and talking.
But Aaron loves his body. 
Do you like to jump Aaron? (Aaron nods head his head yes)
Do you like to run and climb and swim? (head nod)
Do you love tickles and hugs and kisses? (The moment he heard me say "kiss" he leaned right over and smooched me and the whole congregation gave a collective "that's so sweet" laugh, and I'm pretty sure they all fell in love with him in about 10 seconds) 

Our bodies, even if they are not perfect in this life, are great blessings from our Heavenly Father. 

We had a great combined lesson taught by the bishop, that has left me with lots to contemplate (in yet another drafted post:)

Off to another family dinner for Dan. (who left Tuesday for the MTC)
Love grin-ey Benny in the background.

With a little home teaching squose in we were off to a fireside where I sang in a women's a capella quartet, this song

We'd practiced quite a bit and I was nervous about my super-low part, but a apparently it turned out okay, cuz someone came up to me afterwards and asked, "So that sang was on a CD right? Was it you guys ON the CD? You sounded JUST like them!"

I ended up home teaching with Ben, and then our home teachers came (October must be a tough month:)

And was actually Halloween.

With all that adult stuff outta the way,  it was time for the kiddos.

Wanted a smiling picture but every time I took the sucker away he cried.

Our Halloween lunch.
Hot dog octopuses.
Then off trick-or-treating...
He looks so happy right? The untold story-- He cried for an hour before we left
He wanted to be a pirate, but then he wouldn't actually let me put any of the pirate stuff on (He was already wearing all black because the two little boys who came for lunch were dressed as ninjas, and Mckye apparently suffers form consume envy "Need black!Need Black!" he whined pointing at them.) So after a half an hour of trying to get him to pirated (Levi crying in the car, cuz I thought we were just about ready to leave), I finally just said, go get your Woody costume...the one he wore last year (lame!) We drove about two feet and he zonked out. 
Luckily we were meeting Daddy there, and that was enough to brighten his sleepy little spirits.

I think Ben's really studly in this picture....just saying.

Not as exciting for the non-walking children.
(PS dont' judge, his bear little toesies...the kids pulls off all footwear in 30 seconds flat,
and it's hard enough finding shoes to fit his tubby feet!)

Off to the malls to trick or treat. McKye aws so cute, every time he got another piece of candy, he'd run up all excited to Ben and show him inside his bucket all proud.

Every time.

Yup, every time.

My friend Amanda can sew anything!!!! including adorable baby owl costumes!

Seriously adorable!!!

Onto the next mall, which was way busier, and the candy sucked...literally it was all suckers (we totally gave it out at our house to the trick-or-treaters...hey it was thta or the garbage, cuz my kids do NOT have the attention span for suckers, stickness every where = cranky mamma 

Our pumpkin "cheating"
My fav pictures this year are actual just form my phone....

Til next year!