Sunday, November 27, 2011

3 am ...the jinx is official.

I knew I shouldn't have said anything (in my lost post) about sleeping more!
No kiddos to blame (yet) just me NOT falling asleep.

So here I am trying to empty my brain of thoughts. 

I was just saying to Ben this morning I wish I could find a  new picture of the temple. 

And so I took one. 
Man I love instagram! 

Unfortunately, these iPhone pics aren't  gonna be to enlargeable. Still really like em.

Printing out pics. Why is it such a task? Trying to decide on enlargements and frames...keep putting it off. I buy most of my frames second hand and spray paint, just cuz they (like me) are cheap, and I find them more interesting. Haven't found the one I want yet for a big print. It's holding me up.

What did I find at good old Bibles for Missions Thrift?(Take note silly Value Village...they actually have a cause! Profit "donation centers" are a big pet peeve of mine)
That's right twinkle lights for a dollar a strand! In hindsight, why didn't a grab waaaay more!
Because serioulsy there are few things in this life that offer as much joy as a strand of twinkle lights!

Unless they're remote candles! Flameless candles are stupendous, I'm a big fan.  

Apparently so is McKye cuz this is how I found him in bed last night. Snuggled up, sippy in one hand, remote in the other.

The tree is partially up.
I'm wondering if I can enjoy a bit of twinkle whilst postponing the inevitable destruction.
I haven't put the balls on yet, cuz they're the biggest draw for my wanna-chuck-everything-I-can-get-my-hands- on boys.

Good thing they're so darn cute!

Here some snaps of my boys on the way to a pirate themed b-day party. Man I'm a sucker for a costume party!