Thursday, November 3, 2011

Showers & ..showers! (it'll make sense once you read it)

Warning: may contain graphic confessions of my unhygienic life!

Have you ever just got more and more into the week somehow not showered? Everyday this week, I fully intended on showering, but day after day, the sun would set on my greasy hair.
That's when I realized
 THIS may be one of the best purchases I've ever made:

This little number saved me all week long! Cuz I wasn't sitting around my house un-showered, enjoying my filth and a good book (in fact, had to re-new two un-started library books this week) Nope I was out and about  and thank goodness for this hat, throw it on and I was ready to go!

To be fair, my bathrooms (and bedroom!) all of which have been a lovely shade of peach since we moved in (almost a year ago!) were being painted, so we were in a bit of chaos.

This hat saw me through my minni-mental break-down yesterday, pulled over my make-up-less face and my puffy-from-crying eyes.

Between the paint fumes, the lingering monster decorations, mixing with left-over Halloween candy (which I'm pretty sure I only act Rees's pieces cup yesterday, which may or may not have contributed to my melt-down), I didn't feel like I "had things I was lossing it.

And some days that's okay. 
Somedays I wake up and think, this days gonna be messy and lazy and oh well. 
But the problem with yesterday was I was really trying!
I was trying to delegate. 
I was trying to sacrifice.
I was trying to be organized and helpful, and kind and patient. 
And I was --from my 5 hours of sleep, living on chocolate brain's perception--
failing at everything.

I cried to my sister. (I call her lots on bad days, it's good for our relationship:)
My friend quoted  gospel encouragement (when I shoudl have been giving her support!)
My other friend let me invade her house and use her silhouette (when we arrived, her baby was sleeping, her other two kids were quietly playing together, she was enjoying her book on the couch, while dinner simmered in the about five minutes, my boys had woken her baby, started world war III over lego, riffled threw her fridge...I'm sure she was really glad we showed up) 

Whatchya gonna do?!?

But at the end of the day, well more like this morning, 
things were fine.

I better nights sleep.
A better scripture study.
A better breakfast.

A shower!!!!!!
Today was a better day.
Even when McKye turned my van lights on and killed the battery half hour before parent/teacher interviews (or whatever they call em now)...the friend who invaded her house, instead of watching my kids at her house( and enduring more fights over lego) grab all her kids and brought them here instead, and let me take her van to the she's a good friend!

Yesterday that woulda broke me! But today it was just something to deal with.

Today I didn't  need the hat. 
But they'll be more shower-less hat-days to come!
And I'll just be grateful I have a cute hat to hide my greasy hair, and a crazy life, that deep down I really wouldn't change at all.

Even though I went room and two bathrooms are now painted 
(thanks Daddy-O!) ...
pictures to come (cuz once you paint there's always other things that beg to get done!)

And the shower that I planned turned out great. Ha HA!!!! 
I just realized someone could think I meant me showering!!!! 
HA ha. I was planning a baby shower!

My camera was on the wrong setting...but here it is...

The baby we "showered" and beautiful Brooke the hostess with the awesome house! and her cute little girl.

The gorgeous blonde in red is the mommy. It was so sweet to hear her describe her shock at how much she can't get done cuz sleeping and feeding is life now.
Hang in there honey, and buy yourself a cute hat!


Maureen said...Best Blogger Tips

Did you know that Brooke was one of my very first roommates? The hat is very cute and you pull it off well. some people aren't made for hats, but you're not one of them.

Liesel said...Best Blogger Tips

I cannot pull off a hat or headband or anything like unto it. Maybe it has to do with expectations we set. My day was bad because I expected to get more done. My mother in law took the older two kids do I should have done more. I think I forget that with a newborn nothing gets done for awhile.
I'm glad you have wonderful friends who live close by.

Marie said...Best Blogger Tips

I have to shower everyday. I have to. I remember when I was a brand new mommy some other young mother made an off hand comment about how she managed to shower that day and I was shocked. (I get it now). But at that moment I made a goal to get in a shower every day I have young kids. Sometimes it doesn't happen until the mid-afternoon naptime, but it has happened. That being said, there are many, MANY days when that is all that happens by way of my grooming. For example, today: Yes, I've showered, but I have no make up on, my hair has just been air drying all day,(not a good look for someone with natural curl) and I'm in grubby clothes. Grubby MATERNITY clothes, which should give you a great mental image. (You're welcome)

Your baby shower looks adorable, and I am in love with that cake platter. (coveting is hard for me)

PS: Yesterday, I ate nothing but mini Oh Henry bars. Solidarity, sista!

Marie said...Best Blogger Tips

PPS: I want a hat. Where did you get that? I think I could become a real 'hat person.' (Again, thinking of all the days my hair is just air drying for all the world to see)

(PPPS: I like parenthesis, if you hadn't noticed)

Just Rhonda said...Best Blogger Tips

yep i LOVE a good hat too :) And the shower turned out great! Glad you could find some milk jars, Since I was no help!

Chelsea Belle said...Best Blogger Tips

Marie if only I had cute curly "air-dry" hair like you!!!! My hair is worse if i don't "do" it after showering...and I use-ta nap time shower, but now that McKye refuses too, after super showers are my new hopeful maybe.

Where did i ge the hat? hmmm, probably Ardenne's I'm all about changing up cheap accessories!

I'm coveting the cake plate right along with you, it was Brooke's (and her entire house!!!!)

Leisel, expectations are everything! "managing " our expectations is one of my on-going ponder topics right now.

Nicole said...Best Blogger Tips

Haha Janae was my roomate in college and Brooke is my Sister-in-law. Funny to check out a random blog and see pictures of people I know.