Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A few things I'm very excited about...

Oooo, I love anticipation. Hate surprises. (So cancel that surprise b-day you were planning me!) Surprises rob you of the best part, the anticipation!

So what I'm I so excited about.

1. Our family photos! My amazing friend Kels did an amazing job. (Don't peek though, I want to show you MY favorites, there's lot! :) Okay you can have one... (my fav of all, actually)
Ahhh the drama of family photos.  Thought this post described it well. Why do dads (okay all boys, of which I certainly have my share) loath it so much?

2. Redoing my bedroom. So far it has gone from a lovely 13 year old shade of peach, to a dreaming grey-blue (why on earth did I wait a whole year for this transformation?!?!?) 
AND my other amazing friend made me THEE most beautiful head-board! I'm in total love with it.  This Iam gonna make you wait for...anticipation is awesome right?!?

3. I'm super excited to attend this conference in January. Temple Grandin's MOM, Eustacia Cutler, is the keynote speaker!!!!!!  (Ps If you don't know who Temple is, she's basically the super-star of Autism. and if you haven't checked out this movie yet, you should!)

Can't wait. 

And finally. I'm excited for this little early Christmas present I got myself.

In a world of never ending Scentsy parties and PartyLite, I struggle. Scents I think I LOVE, can very quickly turn on me (maybe this is a mis-conception I have, that only holds true during pregnancy), but I've had developed some pretty strong aversions to some what I originally thought were very yummy candles scents. But, in all this, I really would rather my house smelt like something I little mosre tantalizing than our standard: diaper delight. So to my husbands utter embarrassment, in the middle of Walmart I called up the girl that worked at his office last Christmas and asked her what she used...because all I know was every time I went to get him from work last holiday season, that office smelt like pure Christmas joy.

So we'll see. 
(I think Christmas is here this year. Should be fun. Should be. 
Anxiety is not as fun as anticipation though)

So those are the things I'm excited for, and that I couldn't wait to "share", so you could anticipate them right along with me.

What are you anticipating???


Maureen said...Best Blogger Tips

I'm anticipating going to edmonton and dropping off our passport applications and then as we continue on down south, anticipating the stop in calgary at 7040 Farrell Rd. What is that address you ask? Well it's the office of LDS Family Services where we'll be dropping off the last of our paper work before scheduling a homestudy! Yay! We were both anticipating yesterday for two and a half years as Tim completed his Paramedic schooling, and yesterday at 3pm he was told he could finally work as a paramedic. We already knew he passed, but there was the AHS requirements to finish up. Today is his very first day working as a Paramedic. Need an intubation?

Amy said...Best Blogger Tips

Mmmm, I love Christmas scents via candle, baking, or Glade plug-in, doesn't matter. I love walking into a home that smells good.

Liesel said...Best Blogger Tips

I hope your scent adventure goes well. I'm fairly anti-scent for anything and really want a lamp berger to 'neutralize' the air (I'm convinced the scents contribute to Greg's asthma). Anyway, I'm anticipating Christmas and a whole year away from work and Christmas baking (mmmm) and seeing my newest nephew this weekend.

Chelsea Belle said...Best Blogger Tips

Maureen, that IS SOOO exciting! Congrats guys!

Grammarules said...Best Blogger Tips

We're spending Christmas with Kristi & Jeff this year. Not only do I get to spoil the grand-kids, but Katie is being baptized too. I'm also going to see my Dad. I'm sooo stoked!!