Friday, November 25, 2011

Everyday is a good day to be grateful

From our downstairs window this morning
Yesterday felt like a holiday. Perhaps it was all my lovely American Facebook friends and bloggers expressing all their thanks. 

Maybe it was Benny being home (his company is based in Salt Lake so he worked on Canadian thanksgiving).

Maybe it was the the chinook that melted all the snow and made winter seem not so final. 

Maybe it was the apple & cinnamon air freshner I was so excited about that has me craving (in a non-pregnant be careful with that word) apple cider daily.

Maybe it was the apple pie we had for lunch (not desert at lunch...lunch).

I kept wanting to list of my blessings. And then I thought, who needs a holiday???

"It’s so easy in life for us to receive blessings, many of them almost uncounted, and have things happen in our lives that can help change our lives, improve our lives, and bring the Spirit into our lives. But we sometimes take them for granted. How grateful we should be for the blessings that the gospel of Jesus Christ brings into our hearts and souls. I would remind all of you that if we’re ever going to show gratitude properly to our Heavenly Father, we should do it with all of our heart, might, mind, and strength—because it was He who gave us life and breath" 
(David B. Haight, "Were There Not Ten Cleansed?," Ensign, Nov 2002, 24).
Hmmmm, let's see...
I'm grateful for yoga pants, who love me (by fitting) no matter what.

I'm grateful for fuzzy socks and warm hubby legs to warm my icy feet.

I'm so grateful for so many loving, striving people in my life, who teach me so many lessons. 
(My fav gratitude list I ever wrote was one where I listed people I was grateful for and why, a list I cherish and add to regularly, but just maybe to personal for here...too personal for Chelsea the queen of TMI?!?)

I'm grateful for a mind that loves to think and a heart that loves to feel (even if the combo can exhaust me at times)

I'm grateful I've finally been sleeping more (this better not jinx it!)

I'm grateful for my amazing hand-picked-by- heaven-children who are bent on beating any and all selfishness and impatience out of me (even if it takes forever, which it probably will)
Grateful they taught me (each in profound moments shortly after their arrivals to this planet) what it feels like to love someone so intensely you don't think you can take it!

Grateful for Aaron's pureness, his physicality, his joy and his intense affection.

Grateful for McKye's confidence, his empathy, his awareness, his expressiveness and his sense of fun.

Grateful for Levi's flintiness, his resilience, his attachment and his softness to snuggle.

Grateful for a hubby who knows I'm not perfect and loves me even more because of it. A hubby who isn't perfect either, but (like I tell him all the time) he's perfect for me.

Grateful for a world that proclaims in so many breathtaking and simple beauties that God is good and cares enough to touch us.

Grateful for this chance to live and learn and grow.

Grateful for a Saviour that makes it all okay. 

Grateful for each breath, each moment...too bad I forget.
I think we all do.  Thankfully, it only takes a moment, to stop and consider our blessings for the feelings of gratitude to come rushing back in, reminding us to remember.

For another beautiful list of things to be grateful for, I loved  this post. 

Sick of this picture yet??? I'm not!


The Hartley's said...Best Blogger Tips

Perfect way to start my day. Today I am going to live life and love it, seeing all of the beautiful things that make life worth living. No more waiting to live until the 'stuff' is done (let's face it the 'stuff' is never done). I love your messages, you have a good kind heart.