Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shopping with my children...so very, very brave.

There are many, many things I love about Christmas. 
My christmas tree star for instance.

Shopping is NOT on the list.

Me and consumerism have some deep, unresolved issues.
For the most part, I'm not good at it, nor do I like it.

And for years, I have watched stuptified as other mothers regulary carted their kids off to the mall, and I honestly did not get it.

Today, I finally got it. 
We actually had fun!!!
I didn't have huge list. 

I wasn't concerned with my efficiency. 
I wasn't rushing like crazy (like usual, because I never go shopping, so when I do there's a lot to tackle)

We just chilled. 
Looked at what the kids wanted to. 
Watched the Tiger Santa pop out of the big blow up lawn decoration like fifteen times.
Pointed out every "Christmas Tree!!!!" with undiminished splendour.
Wandered up and down the toy aisle. 

"I want dis! Want dis!"
Guess who won? Again.

It wasn't free of all drama. McKye running around corners or freaking out it Levi touched him in the cart. Knocking the all too colourful bingo dabbers off the shelf at the check out, or making a break for the automatic doors, while I paid.

But it was doable. 
I suddenly comprehended the appeal of the dreaded "shopping with kids" that had alluded me all these years. Somehow between Aaron's challenges (that sometimes seem exasperated by public places), and years of nursing babies (I have been stopped more times then a care to remember, by some kind lady informing me, "Dear, I think your leaking", usually by which time I don't even care), I had convinced myself that even a trip to the grocery store alone with the kids was just not worth the stress. 

Not saying I think we'll be frequently the mall daily, but today did a lot to alleviate some of my unfounded fears. As crazy as this Levi-Mckye combo is gonna be, I think these two little buddies are gonna be a lot of fun too.

We even got to see baby Jesus. 

Wanna here more amazingness???
I set up the tree yesterday...while the kids were awake!

They were so busy playing with.... what was suppose to be Levi's Christmas present!

McKye saw it in the back of the van and was not gonna give in until I let him play with it.

He played all afternoon (to my utter amazement and glee)

I'll try and steal it away in a week or so so it can get wrapped up and they'll be so excited for it to return Christmas morning.

Although I'm pretty sure Levi would also be just as happy with this: