Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Maybe those messages are getting through afterall

We bought McKye his very own little Book of Mormon. 

He LOVES it. 

Takes it to bed with him like a teddy bear. 
"Is mine!!!" he declares if anyone tried to touch it.

The first night I gave it too him , I asked if we could read from it, while I put him to bed.

"No, is mine! I read it!

He opened it up very carefully. And used his little finger to point to the page and said very slowly as if he was sounding it out:

"Noooooo, fiiiiiiiiight!"

Very good McKye; 
at this point in your spiritual progression 
that's exactly what it says. 

 Now if we could just get him to "live the doctrine".

He's  also is obsessed with his name right now, although Ben didn't capitalize the "K" and acted bewildered when I told him it was wrong, and I have a birth certificate to back me up.

He's since added, "Jesus says: Say, sorry" and "Go to church"
As well as "No pull hair"...more as a rebuke to Levi then a reminder to himself. 
This was his "I did it" celebration after cooperating for what turned into quite the little poto shoot.