Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A magical place:

By 3:08 today I had had it.
My poor phone-friend can attest to this, as she unfortunately had to witness (or rather hear) me loose it a few times on McKye. Thankfully we had already had a really good chat this morning, where I decided I should just fly her in from Idaho to give my lesson this Sunday, so she understood when I said I had to go try and give my apparently attention-starved children some time.

Only problem? Didn't feel like it.
While I had a much better sleep last night because I was determined to retire early, despite my husbands attempts to foil my plan with one more episode of Parenthood (how I love that he's watching them over with unthrilled he'd probably be to know I'm broadcasting it:). 
When I said to Ben this morning, "better night hey?" He looked at me like I was crazy.
Granted we were still awoken no less than five times between the hours of 3am and 6, but hey, I'd already gotten a solid 4 hours, so I was feeling great.

But by 3:08, any extra patience I'd gleaned from increased sleep, had worn off.

My post yesterday hinted at some of the general anxiety I've been feeling as of late. Nothing really in particular, just kinda everything togetherI suppose. 

I think it has something to do with trying to work all the shifts.

Remember that excellent talk from Sister Beck? (musta resonated with a lot of women cuz when I googled "shifts Sister Beck" tons of blogs popped up). 

Well by 3:08 I realized I needed a break before the next shift. 

"Whatcha doing?" I texted my nearby-pretty-sure-part-of-the-reason-we-were suppose-to-move-where-we-did-friend.

"Just" came the reply.

Chillin' sounded sooooo good, and I knew if I stayed at my house I would continue to stress. 

So off I took my boys (McKye insisting on wearing his Lego-StarWars jammies) across the street to honestly a magical place.

A place where my boys don't bug each other, or fight, or push, because they're too busy playing.
Where "best fwends" chase and giggle and hide in closets. 
Where big kids run down and help little kids turn things on.

Where Levi sits and colours???

McKye happily plays with little houses, 
obviously allured by the novelty colours of pink and purple we dont'see much of around here.
How my boys love having big "sisters".

And most importantly...
Where moms chat. 

Where I am overwhelmed--not by unattended  dishes, or emails that need replies, or phone calls that should be made-- but by the goodness of friendship. How it can put you at ease long enough for you to see the beauty in your life.

I'm so grateful for that magical place...
and the amazing women who creates it with her love and perspective, 
and her amazing ability to make you feel welcome 
and I hope she'll forgive me for intruding on her dinner making time. Once again.

We own you pizza one day...for sure.


Andrea's Mom said...Best Blogger Tips

I'm glad you came over . We all go thru times when we feel like we need to do more or be someone different. What I know of you makes me appreciate that my daughter has a friend like you.