Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ben joins me in 30-hood.

30 years ago a little boy named Benny was born.  

And man I love him. 
Happy Birthday Benny!

Ben's idea of a party.

And because Ben trusts Tanner's commitment to meat-making above my own
 (& rightfully so), the  Leavitt's joined us for a  late supper, whilst the kids enjoyed staying up past their bedtimes. 

Finley's "baby": hafta improvise a little in a house full of boys.
Little buddies, getting soooo big.

Kids are getting a little better at not needing constant refereeing and tear wiping, they actually played a little, what a concept!

I got cheesecake. So I was happy.
I think benny had a good one too (he's out for a post-birthday boy movie tonight too.
So far 30 is treating him just fine.


Amanda said...Best Blogger Tips

I totally saw Levi in one of those pictures!

Chelsea Belle said...Best Blogger Tips


Right?!!???!?! I know. Levi's all Benny.