Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cinderelly, Cinderelly

Who ever planned the adult Valentine's dance for our church was brillant. 

They called it a "Ball". 

And who wouldn't want to go to a Ball!

We missed it last year, and I decided I'd start early arranging sufficient "peer pressure"/male counterparts to get Ben to agree to go (Ben likes dances about as much as he likes...huh there's not much he likes less than dancing!) 

The night of, he was still trying to back out. I assured him we were going to mingle with friends, eat food, and that he would only be expected to dance one or two songs to end the night. And it was deemed acceptable.

About an hour before we were suppose to be leaving, a work call came in. Ben works for a lovely company with lots of great perks, but it certainly comes with some frustrating aspects as well. Including thee entire roster of employees inability to honor any sort of "office hours". Work cell phones can offer a lot of flexibility but they also mean WORK can spring up at any moment, and ruin even the best laid plans. 

Like my plan to get ready.
This is me 20 minutes before we were suppose to leave. 
No hot water  (due to Levi's love of extended bath time) and one unimpressed wifey.

This "Cinderella" mom, was is desperate need of a fairy godmother.


No glass slippers, but a vast improvement from my scary Chris Angel look.

Before we went to the dance....uh hum...the BALL, 

we went to a friend house and played on of my FAVORITE GAMES.

Ready? Soooo easy. You just need paper and pencils and fun people capable of at least stickman drawing.

Everyone writes the beginning line to a story on their first piece of paper. Then everyone passes there stack of papers, and draws a picture of what the last person wrote. The next person only see the picture and writes down what they see. It's kinda like telephone in that things get a little bit warped (and hilarious!) 

At the end you read the stories, if you can! Everytime I've played this we've laughed pretty hard. So simple. So entertaining. 

Here's some of my favs from out Valentines addition:
Steve was a new comer to our game and got picked on a bit.
Let's hope this doesn't come true.

Can you spot the Egyptian Wizard?

This was a lovely tale of the unrequited love between a dinosaur and a turtle.
Pregnant Amanda sliding down a rainbow...and punching out a bear?

Maybe you had to be there...??? 

Well I was! and this is MY blog, so there. I'm sure I'll enjoy remembering these.

At the dance they had a photo-booth set up. Some amazing lady took pictures of everyone AND had them emailed out the very next day! Impressive.

The ladies:

Me and Amanda. 

And then there was THIS handsome fellow.

Who we all decided was an uncanny resemblance to this famous furnace man.

It was a fun night with my Valentine (Benny, not the Lennox man)
Who even danced a whole two songs with me! Be still my beating Valentine's heart.
(when I consider an equivalent scenario may involve him taking me out to do math or something, I really do appreciate his effort.)

Happy Valentines Day all!


Brenda said...Best Blogger Tips

I thought Ben looked like Super Mario!

Alana said...Best Blogger Tips

I love your boots and your top. Where did you get them?

Crystal HW said...Best Blogger Tips

Even when life gets crazy, it is nice to get out. Glad he was able to get off the phone in time to have some fun. You looked great!

Chelsea Belle said...Best Blogger Tips

they were both Vegas purchases (my "assisted" shopping trip with my oh so stylish friends helping me)