Tuesday, February 28, 2012

And the Oscar for best party goes to....

I love Megan. 

Here's the beginning of a post I started writing about her a while back:

Meg was my roommate.
Wait Meg was Ben's "girl next door" first.
Ben thought we'd be good roommate.
He was right, so very right.
This needs some old photos from the young adult days, but alas it's late. 
I love Meg.
I love that she throws elaborate parties...

Ha ha. Yes she does. I really wanted to find a photo of me and her at the "Tacky party" she threw. But I can't find it. 
Hmmm, bet Meg has a copy.

Okay. So I told Meg a while back I thought she should throw a big party for the Academy Awards, where we got all dressed up and watched it all together. (Suggesting party idea is a good way to ensure you get an invite!) 

Meg, my friend, it was so much more than I could have ever imagined (okay maybe I could have imagined it, but I probably never would have actually got it all together!)

Smashing night darling...smashing!

Speaking of my darlings:


My darling sister-in-law-soon to be, 
did my hair for me. 
I was going for twenties, obviously. 

Then it was off to...

Red carpet and all!

One fancy din din.

Great company!

A handsome date.
A fabulous host
only a bit of paparazzi

A cute dishwasher:)

Then a bit of relaxing while we watched them give out the awards.

Ooooo, and dessert. Sooo much dessert!

Wasn't crazy about all the winners. Guess I need to go finish watching "the Artist" seeing as it won (seriously the won nomination I didn't watch!)

Yup it was a fun night, can we call a "1st annual" Megan??? 
ie can I try and get Ben a tux for next year?


Maureen said...Best Blogger Tips

Oh the tacky party. I'm pretty sure that I have some photos of that some place. PBandJ sanwiches...Love you chels. Miss you too.

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips

Wow! Amazing! You all look lovely and so happy! :)