Monday, February 6, 2012

Aaron's bore his testimony?!?

Yesterday at church was testimony meeting, where anyone in the congregation can get up and share their feelings about the Lord and witness of the truthfulness of His gospel.

I had long since vacated to the hallways with McKye to spare those around us having to hear him "NO! Wanna hit Levi!" (it's really time to put a kibosh on his boxing games).

The meeting was almost over, when I heard my husbands voice come over the speakers. 
"Isn't that nice he felt to bear his testimony today" was my first thought, quickly followed by,
"what the heck did he do with the kids while he was up there?"

Here's what actually happened (pieced together by Ben and other accounts)

Ben was sitting, Levi on his lap, enjoying the meeting.

When suddenly Aaron just got up and walked directly to the front, past the bishopric and stood at the pulpit. While the shocked Ben is scrambling to hand off the baby, they'd got Aaron a little stool and put down the mic... 

If you don't regularly read this blog or know our family, our five year old Aaron has autism and beyond a few sounds and a couple "words" we've worked on for literally years, he doesn't speak.

Well the result was he got his dad to bear his testimony, cuz once Ben was up there he thought he might as well.

Tricky, Aaron, tricky.


Scott and Tisha said...Best Blogger Tips

That's really neat- I hope people were able to feel of his(Aaron) spirit as he stood there and looked at the congregation. You wonder what he would have said had he been given the ability.

cc said...Best Blogger Tips

He looked SO purposeful, he totally knew what he was was awesome:)

Marie said...Best Blogger Tips

Loved this.