Sunday, December 4, 2011

We're getting better Santa, promise

Whilst out and about this Saturday, (something I try and avoid in the month od December... I much prefer stores at say 10 am Monday morning:) 
We happened upon this fabulous Santa, in this random store. 
No line. (Too bad Aaron was at my moms)
He let Levi play with his jingle bells. Tried really hard to coax McKye onto his knee (but when he wouldn't, suggested Ben get in the picture,
 smart Santa, very smart.)
We had a Santa picture in like two minutes. 
Done and done.

Which was good , it made me less cranky about them NOT being willing to take pictures with the Santa at our Ward Christmas Party (even though their little sweaters where a bit nicer than their winter jackets)

 Levi wasn't exactly excited, mostly curious really. 
But it's a vast improvement from McKye at his age:

Dear Santa, 
We're really trying. Look we did  (kinda) pose in our sweaters for mommy, and her obsessive need to document our lives.

We even ate some of the Christmas dinner!
(I think that's a first for a Bretzke kid in public)

But we're still working on some stuff.

Like appropriate lovage.

Or waiting til Christmas to play with our presents 
(although we might be able to blame that one on daddy)

But overall we're pretty goos kids (at least according to our mom) 
So if you could still drop by our place anyways, while we're learning and growing. 
We'd sure appreciate it.

the Bretzke Boys


Marie said...Best Blogger Tips

Dirk's family office party was last Saturday. It was great, and Santa came and gave all the kids a present. Carter did great. Aimee did great. Maxwell talked Santa's ear off. Great. Harrison would not have any of it. He held on fast to Dirk like he was a life raft in the middle of the ocean. Ha.